Identity federation and single sign-on

Peter Langvad - Globeteam

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Protect the company’s applications and data with identity federation

Can you say without a doubt that you have complete control over which users have access to which resources and data in your company, regardless of where they are from? If not, then you might want to take a closer look at an identity federation solution.  

Increased demands for compliance and protection of personal data mean that companies have to make identity and access management a higher priority in response to: 

At Globeteam, we have Denmark’s most extensive experience delivering solutions within the area of identity and access management, which is typically referred to as identity federation. Identity federation makes it possible for the users to use the same digital identity and login method (single sign-on) for applications and resources across several domains and networks.  


In which scenarios does identity federation and single sign-on bring value?

With an identity federation solution, you can simply and securely give users access to IT resources based on their roles and functions in your own organisation or in partner organisations.  

The solution automatically identifies and verifies known users who log in to the connected applications, after which they have easy access to all necessary IT resources with single sign-on. You will also have a strong foundation for compliance and governance with a complete log of created users, logins, etc., that are relevant for GDPR compliance or ISAE-revision statements, among other things. 

Identity federation can be used: 

Advantages of identity federation and single sign-on

Among other things, the business advantages of identity federation include:  

Increased productivity 

The employees spend less time or no time at all on logins during a workday, because once they are logged in on their work computer they have access to all relevant systems. 

Freed up resources at helpdesk  

As every user only has one password, the number of support cases about, for instance, expired or forgotten passwords is reduced. This can be reduced even further by adding a password reset self-service option.

Simpler user administration and increased access security

Reduced costs for licenses

It is not necessary to create IT accounts for collaborative partners and clients in order for them to have access to the federated systems, as they can just use their local login. 

Increased identity security

No passwords are exchanged between federated systems, and only the specific user information needed is exchanged. In this way, the dissemination of personal data is minimised.  

Better service for clients and partners

The possibility to give users access to limited information in the organisation’s systems. 


Identity federation and single sign-on for all needs

At Globeteam, we have many years of experience with designing and implementing identity federation solutions based on Microsoft ADFS, Azure, Okta and Safewhere Identify, that are thoroughly tested, well-documented and recognised technologies. This means that we reduce costs, risks and time during the implementation process and in the subsequent operation.  

However, standardised technology does not equal a standard solution. Based on your current and possible future IT infrastructure and authentication methods, we design the solution so that it matches your current needs and supports future digitalisation plans. This is the case, regardless of whether the solution is to be used for on-prem, cloud or hybrid systems, whether it is providing access for internal or external users, or perhaps established as a joint solution between several partners. 

We are, of course, also responsible for an efficient implementation, and we also offer to maintain the subsequent operation so that your organisation can focus on core business.