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digital transformation

Achieve success with your digital transformation

Reach your goals with transition measures and realise the desired gains for your organisation with a successful digital transformation. Globeteam can help you identify, carry out and quality assure specific transformation projects through priority areas such as organisation and process analyses, process optimisation and business intelligence. 

Modern organisations are continuously developing and are under constant pressure to become more efficient, reduce their costs and improve quality. Digitisation is almost always an essential ingredient in these goals. However, it can be difficult to find the optimal way of carrying out a digital transformation. Business elements are often complex and interlinked, meaning that a change in one place will affect other areas unintentionally and inappropriately. The needs and measures involved often affect all parts of an organisation – the core business, staff functions, and even the IT department.  

Do you need to transform your organisation and your processes digitally, or maybe you feel like your digitisation measures are failing, and extra help is needed to bring projects under control and reach your goals safely. Globeteam can help you: whether that’s with actual digitisation projects in the shape of, for example, IT implementations; or, related transformation measures, like restructures and skills development. We have the skills you need. Whether the aim of the transition is exploiting digital opportunities, or the focus is on new structures within the organisation, such as new working models, etc. 

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digital transformation

Priority areas where Globeteam can contribute to your digital transformation

Globeteam’s delivery will depend on your specific situation, but some of the most frequent priority areas are:  

digital transformation

A visible and well-documented transformation effort based on well-tested methods

Regardless of what the transformation or transition effort is about, we strive for the result to always be visible and well-documented – a report, a changed process, a new organisational structure, an evident cost reduction, a clear business case, etc. The result and documentation is agreed upon, once the effort is initiated. 

It is also possible to base the transition on Globeteam’s Business Process Management platform, where information about the organisation, the processes, the digitisation use, etc. are saved and managed from one place.
You can read more about our BPM platform here

All of Globeteams services are delivered using documented and well-tested methods. Examples of such methods are: 

In addition, tools for reporting and documentation (Word, PowerPoint) and possibly questionnaires are used.  

digital transformation

Carry out your digital transformation in collaboration with experienced and competent management consultants

Our services are delivered by management consultants with 15-25 years of experience. We put together a team for your individual task, which has all the necessary organisational and management-related skills to be able to deliver serious, well-carried-out analyses or implementation of relevant digital transformation measures. 

The projects are carried out in close collaboration with your own people. It is essential to profit realisation that the efficiency effort is anchored within your organisation.