Crisis response and crisis management

Gorm Grosen Christiansen - Globeteam

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Any company can be the target of hacking, which is why an action-ready crisis response is necessary

f there is one thing we have all learnt from the large and, sadly, successful cyberattacks over the last couple of years, it is that there is always a way into companies with sensitive systems and data. The hackers will eventually succeed if they are determined, thorough and use enough resources.  

Wherever there are people and technology, there are vulnerabilities. Business operations require collaboration, flexibility and some trust. Physical and virtual doors open and close, staff and data move through. With insight, skill and some good timing these vulnerabilities can be exploited by criminals.   

If the attackers do succeed in paralysing our technology, then companies need to be able to bring out their action-ready crisis response. The crisis response does not bring the stolen data back, but it can make our technology operational again so that the business can continue.  

Globeteam helps you establish and embed an action-ready crisis response that corresponds with your ambitions regarding threats.  


Technology is good – but gets outdated

Technology supports a large part of the collective value creation in a business, whether that is via sales and consultancy channels, control of process systems, self-service, automated processes or sophisticated algorithms. Protection of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility remains increasingly important.   

But even when IT is designed and implemented with great care, hardware will eventually wear and fail. Software is updated incorrectly or fails at a poor time. When this happens in our globalised, digitalised world, the threat of a cyberattack increases as does the seriousness of the consequences. The attack may come in the form of blackmail, industrial espionage, revelations of confidential information or just good old-fashioned vandalism.  

So, when a crisis does arise, there needs to be a controlled recovery of technology and process for the most important business processes. This is a complicated discipline that draws on a wide array of competencies and functions across the company and operations service providers. The processes that should be first priority depend on the type of crisis being faced. So, management will need a roadmap to determine the priority for the specific situation, once the extent of the crisis, or the current “location on the map”, has been identified. 

This is when you need an action-ready crisis response. 


Balanced and trained crisis response

When the business goes down, the action-ready crisis response will be essential to survive – or at least not lose great value in the shape of data, lost earnings, reputation and image or fines due to insufficient protection of confidential data. The crisis response is action-ready when it has a balanced, tested and realistic plan for which organisational processes and pertaining technology should be prioritised, as well as a trained collaboration in the crisis management and connected recovery teams.  

The structure of the crisis response is often similar across companies, as are the derived advantages and pitfalls. However, the business processes, prioritisations, IT landscapes, organisational processes and maturity levels depend inherently on the nature of the company and are therefore unique to your company’s situation. 

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This is what you get with Globeteam as your partner

With Globeteam, you get a partner that has worked thoroughly with the establishment and anchorage of crisis responses within the finance industry, the supply industry and the medical industry, among others. We have seen first-hand what works, what does not work and in particular the importance of maturing basic processual and technical governance, such as ITIL, in order for the response to be embedded and be able to “stand alone”, once our effort is over. 

Globeteam helps define your ambitions regarding threats, analyse and prioritise business processes and supporting technology from a business perspective. We also help you plan, practise collaboration, test technical aspects and handle crisis scenarios that reflect current threats. 

In addition, we assist your company during current security crises as consultants on a strategic and tactical level, because unforeseen events will occur. With training and practise, they can be reduced, but never completely avoided.