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Manage your compliance and information security

With more and more business areas becoming digitalised, compliance has become a hot topic. Even the most business-critical processes are now digital, and this means there can be less and less tolerance when it comes to IT security errors.  

Companies are experiencing increasing pressure from clients, authorities and their boards who all have expectations when it comes to documentation and compliance with the various rules and regulations in force.  

This is most obvious in the area of personal data where there are very clear legal requirements on compliance. In other areas, rulesets and requirements are less explicit, but can be set out through tender-related/contractual requirements on compliance with ISO2700x for example, and certification in accordance with said standards or a statement of assurance about them.  

Whatever the circumstances, fewer and fewer companies are willing to collaborate with anyone that cannot document their compliance with specific requirements and rules.  

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What does it take to be compliant?

It is important to be aware that it takes time and resources to ensure that all compliance requirements are met. For example, even though a company thinks it has its procedures on GDPR and personal data management under control, compliance is always about more than a report and a snapshot view.  

Compliance is a continuous process that contributes to creating clear and transparent processes and security measures, as these are what protect the company and its stakeholders against conscious and unconscious errors.   

In our experience, companies that establish systems and processes to ensure compliance up front, are generally far more competitive than those companies that cut corners when putting together offers or contracts – or those that will have to patch and fix the conditions when they are forced to comply after the fact.  


How can Globeteam help you with compliance?

It is time-consuming work to understand, comply with and keep up-to-date on new standards of compliance. Furthermore, this work rarely falls within companies’ core skills, and the resources that the task requires are typically lacking in-house.  

This is why Globeteam offers to help analyse and pinpoint your needs for adaptation of information security and compliance to new or modified stakeholder requirements.   

We always focus on how you can achieve compliance without using more resources than necessary.  

With our array of compliance services, we can help you answer questions like:  


Our compliance services

As a data and sub-processor, can you document that you comply with the requirements in GDPR about data protection? 

The easiest way to document this is with a statement of assurance – a so-called ISAE 3000 

Globeteam offers to help you through the entire process towards an ISAE 3000 GDPR statement.

We cut to the bones of the task and, at the same time, optimise your security costs and security setup. 

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With a basis in ISO 27001, you will be well prepared to manage the increasing expectations and requirements on information security. 

Globeteam can help you establish methods and processes for a proactive management of information security, with ISO 27001 as a management system.  

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Globeteam can help you create a data overview. How else will you be able to figure out which data will be impacted and where they are?

It is a huge identification task for the company and a substantial IT task, as you have to figure out how high the risk is for different data, which systems are being used, not to mention if the people hosting your data are compliant with your data processing agreement. 

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Whether you want to look into the possibilities of increasing security in an existing application by moving it to the cloud, or are faced with having to construct something new, then Globeteam can help you ensure that the solution is compliant with all the relevant requirements and rules.

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Specially trained compliance consultants

At Globeteam, we have more than 50 experts who work with security and compliance.  

Our compliance services are exclusively delivered by consultants who have gone through formalised training courses within information security and data protection/GDPR and/or are certified within these areas. Based on their many years of practical experience, the consultants, of course, have a business-related approach to the task solution that ensures our solutions are tailored to your company’s situation.  

Among others, our consultants’ international and national training/certifications include: 
• Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer
• Certified in the Governance of Enterprise It
• Certified Information Systems Auditor
• Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
• Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer
Trained in GDPR/personal data protection