A better alignment between IT and business

Globeteam is an organisation where sales are available for clients and consultants, but where business relations, in some cases, also take place directly between the client and Globeteam’s consultant. However, it is becoming increasingly complex to buy in companies, and our account managers can help you challenge, simplify and manage this complexity, whilst also creating more value through investments in strategic IT solutions.

To us, sales are a part of client advice during the process of buying, and, through the years, we have seen this process become more difficult for our clients. As the complexity in companies increases, it increases the demand for technical complexity, functionality and quality in the projects, just as legal requirements and contract fulfilment also make completely different demands in the buying process today.

We are happy to have an informal discussion about the possibilities of success in your company through investments in IT that support development and create the desired ROI.

You are welcome to contact us, so that we can help you get started and advise you on solutions and more complex investments that are relevant across your organisation and involve both business and IT.


Meet the sales team

Each person in the Sales team is an Account Manager, responsible for a number of public and private clients. They are all also responsible for sales and the further development of services and concepts within Globeteam’s three main business areas.

Peter Langvad

Peter Langvad is responsible for the area of the business called Development, which includes developing client-orientated solutions, system integration and adaptation of standard applications from other software suppliers.

Solutions are broad in scope, with a primary focus on user administrations and process solutions aimed at the public sector.

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Peder Lind Sørensen

Peder Lind Sørensen is responsible for the area of the business called Infrastructure where Globeteam offers a wide range of infrastructure solutions from advice and technical support to the implementation of complex infrastructure solutions.

Peder is the point of contact for tasks within the area of Infrastructure and is also responsible for day-to-day contact with Microsoft concerning the partnership with Globeteam.

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Henrik Gissel Szokody

Henrik Gissel Szokody is responsible for the area of the business called Digital Management, which covers a broad spectrum of strategic services within advice, strategy development, process optimisation and project management.

The services have a broad scope and are aimed at the public and private sector, boasting specific expertise within CRM and advice for the transport sector.

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Christoffer Meier

Christoffer Meier is part of the sales team and supports the business area development, which includes the development of customer-specific solutions, system integrations and adaptation of standard applications from other software providers.

Today, Christoffer is the point of contact for a number of Globeteam’s customers primarily oriented towards the private sector, where the deliveries range from advice on specific platforms to the implementation of major system integrations with a Danish and international focus.

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