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Globeteam sets itself apart as a consultancy firm with its high professionalism, growth and satisfied clients

Globeteam is a consultancy firm with high professionalism, constant growth and, most importantly, very satisfied clients. As an end-to-end supplier, we can offer the client help along their digitisation journey, including everything from advice and development to implementation and operation. We work with our clients until they have a solution that supports business needs and creates value, competitiveness and satisfaction all the way to the end user.

At the beginning of 2018, Globeteam was partially acquired by one of the business world’s heavyweights: Kirk Kapital, the Lego family’s holding company. They acquired 34 percent of Globeteam and have gone on to increase ownership of the consultancy firm to 46 percent since then.

In 2021, Norvestor VIII, a fund managed by the Nordic private equity firm Norvestor, acquired the majority of shares via Kirk Kapital and the company’s management, Claus Moldow and Morten Strunge Nielsen. Both Kirk Kapital and Globeteam’s management continue as shareholders of the company, holding 25 percent and almost 20 percent respectively.

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Unlike other consultancy firms

Globeteam is independent of suppliers and we have consultancy competencies that stretch from heavyweight business consultants all the way to security advisors and deep technology specialists. This makes us capable of solving complex projects across the client’s business and IT department as well as carrying out specialised technological solutions that support the client’s business, improve the client experience and increase the company’s revenue.

The synergy between our consultants’ strong skills and Globeteam’s unique business model is what sets us apart in the market and makes Globeteam a competent and professional collaboration partner for your company.

The fact that Globeteam as one single consultancy firm has been able to bring an array of skills into play in the project has been of great value to us. And they succeeded in carrying out a complete change of our entire digital infrastructure in the cars and in our datacentre in less than 10 months. And it was even within budget. That is a really good job and very satisfactory.”


About Globeteam’s services and deliveries

As a trusted strategic partner, we help our clients through the digital transformation, so that they can develop their company and secure a strong position in the new digital world. Globeteam offers services within and across our three core competency areas: IT & Digitisation, Security and Strategic Advice. Read more about the three areas below:


IT & Digitisation

Digital transformation strengthens a company’s competitiveness, promotes the green transition and creates efficient workplaces. Digitisation covers a number of different opportunities, and both public and private companies have been able to benefit from them to varying degrees.

For example, the good foundation that helped many companies through COVID-19 should now be maintained and developed so that companies are even stronger in their use of new technology and innovation. And Globeteam can help you achieve that. We offer a wide array of services within IT & Digitisation.

How can the cloud accelerate your company’s development? Do you need to build a more flexible and secure hybrid workplace? Do you want to improve and digitalise specific workflows and business processes by using new technologies? Or would you like to act on data for better calculations, decisions and customer service? These are just some of the issues and competency areas that we can help you with.

Read more about our different approaches to cloud and the hybrid workplace and see how else we can help you with IT & Digitisation



With increasing digitisation, the use of different systems and the inherent complexity involved in those areas, companies will come to depend even more heavily on a properly working IT infrastructure. And, the more data companies generate, the more processes are digitalised, the more vulnerable companies ultimately become.

At the same time, companies are now subject to extremely complex threats that encompass much more than just cybercrime. This, along with the normal consequences of digitisation, are placing new demands on companies to take a more holistic approach to security.

At Globeteam, we can help you manage this complex security task so that the risk of attacks, data loss and breakdowns is reduced. Our team is made up of more than 50 security experts who work with risk management at the highest level. Our skills are wide-ranging and include, among others, integrated risk management, establishment of cross-sectional security architecture, living up to the compliance task, developing security policies, building a governance structure, crisis management, monitoring and response to incidents in a security operations centre setup and organisational competency development.

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Strategic advice

Digitisation is a vital driver of growth for many companies. But what do you need to do to exploit those digital opportunities in the optimum way? Which strategy should your company follow? How can you ensure that the IT department deliver the right services to support your business strategy and vision? At Globeteam, we can help you create cohesion between IT and the business. As a trusted partner, we ensure that you achieve the desired gains from the company’s digital transformation.

We cover a wide array of services within strategic advice. Including but not limited to: elaborating a clear digitisation strategy; identifying and prioritising specific transformation projects; optimising business processes by using new technologies; project and programme management; and, helping you achieve a coherent sourcing agreement, among other things, in connection with divestures or mergers of companies.

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Focused solutions and synergies between competencies

Globeteam’s specialist technical consultants work closely with Globeteam’s strategy and security consultants to ensure you receive holistic advice. We make sure the technology does not become an objective in itself, but merely a means to improving the business and increasing value for our clients.

Globeteam’s deliveries have already proven their worth for existing clients and typically result in long-term collaborations where new tasks are continuously solved by our consultants.

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