Why work as a consultant with Globeteam?


Become a consultant with Globeteam and work with the best

As a consultant with Globeteam you will have the opportunity to work with the very best and most experienced consultants in the business. Our special business model, which is a cross between a permanent position and an independent setup, provides you with the possibility to spar with dedicated and skilled colleagues. It is an attractive collaboration model where the focus is on knowledge-sharing and collaboration while at the same time leaving plenty of room for social activities.

You will be part of a strong, professional team with a team leader, where you have ample opportunity to inspire and challenge each other professionally in settings such as the regular team meetings and virtual professional forums. At the same time, Globeteam’s business model and cross-sectoral concepts provide you with a unique opportunity to work closely together with other skilful consultants on interesting and challenging assignments across teams and professional competencies.

Several of our development assignments are carried out in close collaboration with our partner in Vietnam, which makes us capable of solving even bigger and more complex assignments for clients at a high level of quality and at competitive prices.

This collaboration across teams and competencies means that we deliver great business value to clients, because we can be there throughout the entire process from strategy, clarification of needs, development and implementation of the technical solution, right through to the organisational implementation. This collaboration also means that you will have access to exciting and large-scale assignments in both public and private companies and in different industries.


Trusted advisor for clients

Globeteam’s consultants look at the full picture and provide trustworthy advice, which has led to a constant stream of interesting, high-profile projects for leading public and private companies.

As a consultant with Globeteam, you will work as the client’s trusted advisor and offer professionalism and experience. Our consultants are driven by projects and assignments that make a difference in the organisation where they are carried out, whether that be special development, solving a problem, or creating changes in the organisation. Even though you as a consultant are always service-oriented, of course it is still extremely important to be able to challenge the client and in that way add value for them.

Globeteam is known for having the very best consultants in their field. This is one of the things that is ensured through our special business model which merges a permanent position and an independent setup, and we see great recognition for the value this creates for our clients. There is also a high degree of knowledge sharing and sparring across Globeteam’s business areas, which makes it possible for you to gain insight into everything that goes on, whether that be technology or business-related trends.


Community and shared responsibility

As a consultant with Globeteam you will have the best of both worlds. Through the special business model, you will benefit from the advantages of “running your own business” and at the same time be a part of a professional community where everyone has a clear objective of collectively being the best in the business. It makes for a strong partnership and collaboration with skilful colleagues, social events and personal and professional development through sparring, guidance and knowledge sharing.

The perfect blend of permanent position and independent setup means that you can immerse yourself in what you do best, whilst having the help of the organisation for the more time-consuming and administrative tasks; the central administration will take care of tasks like sales, framework agreements, marketing, finance, invoicing, etc. In other words, you will have the opportunity to be the specialist and deliver the service you know best.

As a part of Globeteam, you will have access to many varied assignments with companies in many different industries, just like you will be able to participate in larger projects and public tenders, which would likely not be possible if you were on your own. It requires a high degree of professionalism to be a part of Globeteam, and you will have to be prepared to share your professional knowledge and contribute to the community. In addition, you will have to be open to collaborating across business areas and put yourself and your network at the disposal of others.

Apart from having all the professional aspects in order, you should be able to work together across many different business areas and “cultures”, whilst also being able to manage projects independently.

We have high expectations of your professional competencies and your commitment to the client, as well as your ability to create permanent relations. However, you also have greater control over your work situation, subject to the responsibility that comes with the assignment and towards the client of course.


A rewarding remuneration structure

Globeteam’s business model is a cross between a traditional consultancy firm and a freelance model, where the individual consultant and the team are independent “cost centres”, and where the remuneration is directly in proportion to the results.

This means that as a consultant with Globeteam, you are independent, and will receive a variable remuneration. This is typically higher than the market level, however you will run the risk of possible idle periods.

It is a system that rewards results, skills, collaboration, and also balances interests. This means that we can pay our consultants really well, while still providing the flexibility to scale up and down in order to accommodate different life situations.

In addition, Globeteam has an attractive consultant incentive program, through which you may have the opportunity to invest and gain a share of Globeteam’s profit.
You can read more about Globeteam’s key figures here.

Globeteam’s business model provides you with the opportunity to achieve a modern, professional well-being and a flexible way of life. The sustainable business model, with which Globeteam has had success since the company was founded in 2001, has resulted in highly specialised, self-motivated and high-performing consultants who bring in clients and maintain client dialogue. All of which has made Globeteam one of Denmark’s most renowned consultancy firms.

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