GDPR Compliance

Henrik Szokody - Globeteam

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Making GDPR compliance a competitive advantage

Most companies and authorities consider GDPR a burden, which is a shame. Instead, why not see the requirement of GDPR compliance as the perfect opportunity to gain an overview of business flows and the use of data, and use that to create value for the business? In that way, we can come to see GDPR as a welcome addition to the business! So, let’s get started.

Are you unsure of what GDPR compliance entails for your organisation? Then you’re not alone. A lot of medium-sized to large companies and authorities are not fully compliant yet, as compliance requires a long and consistent effort. 

Globeteam can help you create a data overview. How else will you be able to figure out which data will be impacted and where they are? It is a huge identification process for the company and a substantial IT task, because you have to figure out how high the risk is for different data, which systems are being used, not to mention if the people hosting your data are compliant, among many other things.


Documented experience

Today, Globeteam provides advice to companies and organisations at every stage of the work, by implementing GDPR compliance and security standards generally. We offer business-related, technical and organisational advice, as well as assistance in establishing the necessary technical solutions.

For example, we offer:

At Globeteam, we have documented experience with the specific process that your organisation will go through to live up to GDPR, just as we have significant knowledge about the ISO27001 standard which can make up the practical framework surrounding the implementation. We bring our solid experience, methods and knowledge from similar projects to your GDPR project.

This is how Globeteam can help your organisation ensure GDPR compliance


To get started on the work with GDPR, Globeteam recommends that you carry out a structured pre-analysis that effectively identifies and covers relevant conditions within the organisation that are most important for GDPR compliance. In this way, you can have a much-needed overview of the current situation and can prioritise the way forward with regards to complying with the requirements and “tackling the beast”.

Management workshop

A workshop for those wanting to get started with these processes and prepare the organisation to achieve GDPR compliance, to effectively point them in the right direction. The management workshop is an alternative to Globeteam’s more extensive pre-analysis. Our experience is that once you get off on a good footing, it’s not that difficult a process, on the contrary, it can be made simple and result in competitive advantages for the business.

Secure system checks and development

This is for those responsible for your existing systems, it covers how to live up to the GDPR requirements and/or how to help ensure that your system development process is compliant with the “privacy by design” requirements. Answering questions such as, what should be included in the process? How should it be built? And how do you ensure that your systems are GDPR compliant? 

Security review

The majority of companies use Microsoft technologies. Therefore, when it comes to protecting the company’s IT environments it will be appropriate to implement the security solutions that Microsoft and the business generally recommend. Our security review compares the requirements for GDPR compliance with Microsoft’s security suite, where the focus is precisely on protection of identities, data and devices, and how to create a secure foundation for the digital workplace.

Over time, as a company grows there are many procedures that become part of day-to-day business. These in turn result in the existence of many platforms and systems which the business needs to keep track of. An efficient process documentation tool to describe the organisation’s security policy, compliance with ISO27001 and EU’s rules, etc., can give your information security process a boost and serve as a link between policies and reality. 


GDPR references

Our references include the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Confederation of Danish Employers, the Danish Environmental Portal, The Danish Foreign Ministry, GN Hearing, Alinea (Egmont), DSB and Kromann Reumert, among others.

You can read reference stories on how we carried out an IT security audit at Kromann Reumert and about GN Hearing who we helped get ready for GDPR. In addition, Globeteam has carried out a security audit with DSB and with a large number of municipalities and public organisations.

5 scenarios that an organisation needs to be ready for in order to achieve GDPR compliance