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What do you get as a development consultant?

As a development consultant with Globeteam, you become part of a strong, professional team of skilful colleagues. They are strong sparring partners, allowing you to exchange experiences and be challenged professionally. This means that you will be surrounded by like-minded people who are prepared to work as a team to achieve the best possible solution.

Your workday take in a variety of work areas, and you, to a large extent, can determine your workload and the types of tasks you take on.

In addition to sparring, your colleagues also help get new jobs, which means that everyone gains access to a large client base and project portfolio. You will also have the opportunity to participate in larger projects and public tenders. Apart from this, there are interesting professional and social events on offer with your colleagues.

Several of our development tasks are carried out in close collaboration with our partner in Vietnam. This makes us capable of solving even bigger and more complex jobs for clients at a high level of quality and at competitive prices.

Another significant advantage of Globeteam’s model is that you have the support of a strong administration. They take care of the paperwork, contracts, sales, framework agreements, marketing, finance, invoicing, etc., so that you can focus on the professional challenges and complex technical issues. Last, but not least, there is a good correlation between effort and reward, as Globeteam’s business model makes it attractive to go that extra mile.

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Who are you?

Professionally, you are among the very best in your field. It is a strong motivational factor for you that you can use that professionalism to realise gains and improvements for the client’s business by creating innovative, technical and client-specific IT solutions.

But you are not only a developer at work. Technology and software development are the first things you think about when you get up in the morning and the last things you think about before going to bed. You have a playful spirit and often use your spare time developing and testing new, innovative solutions to complex problems across disciplines and technologies.

In other words, you are among the most skilful in the development field. And you are always completely up to date with the latest trends.

You thrive on challenging yourself professionally. And it becomes even more interesting for you when projects involve the development of new technological solutions or finding solutions to technical challenges that others had to give up on.

You deal with your assignments in an analytical, creative and problem-solving way, and you like to think outside the box when advising clients.


Typical tasks for a development consultant

Globeteam develops and implements client-specific IT solutions that ensure companies’ digital transformation. 

The need to optimise public and private organisations is increasingly focused on creating a cohesive digitalisation of processes across systems, supported by advanced analyses of data. At the same time, there are increasingly more requirements for the security, logging and treatment of data.

In other words, you will, based on your strong capabilities within technology and software development, work with the clients’ specific needs by combining yours and your colleagues’ competencies within digitalisation and security, including technologies such as chatbots, AI, Machine Learning and cloud.

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Become a consultant

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