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What do you get as an infrastructure consultant

As an infrastructure consultant, you get the best of being independent but would still be part of a team of highly competent colleagues.

Day to day, you would work in various areas, and to a large extent you would shape your workload. The role is characterised by a high level of independence, extremely high professional level and an extraordinary team culture, where you have the opportunity to gain support and spar with competent colleagues and be a part of a team when the job requires it.

In your team, there is a great focus on knowledge-sharing and collaboration, and, therefore, you can spar with very skilled infrastructure specialists, while still having time for the social aspects. You will be part of a strong, professional community where you work with critical, technical problems and will have the opportunity to develop professionally.

Globeteam has a strong administration that takes care of all paperwork, contracts, sales, framework agreements, marketing, finance, invoicing, etc. Collectively they provide you with a strong foothold so that you can concentrate on your core competencies with the clients.

Last, but not least, there is also a good correlation between effort and reward, and Globeteam’s business model makes it attractive to go that extra mile.

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Infrastructure consultant Nikolai Koldegaard

“In particular, what attracted me was the opportunity to spar with skilled and experienced consultants, an organised 100-day plan, and the fact that I did not have to exert any energy on the purely administrative aspects related to client contracts.”



Who are you?

You are a particularly experienced infrastructure specialist, and you have a solid, professional basis at the operational level as well as the theoretical and organisational level, enabling you to lift the clients’ IT infrastructure and security to the highest level.

You have a deep and demonstratable understanding of information technology as well as the capacity to lead IT employees. At the same time, it is important to you to keep up to date with the newest technology so that the client receives the best and most updated advice. You find satisfaction in achieving understanding of the use of technologies and are motivated by visualising and adding value for the clients.

You have the capacity to understand the clients’ problems and ensure cohesiveness from the strategical level down to the operational level. At the same time, you ensure anchoring in the organisation, and that your projects are completed with the highest quality. In other words, you can manage complex setups and desired solutions from clients, and you are happy once you have delivered an end-to-end solution, which also incorporates security, and the solution has been delivered and implemented.

In addition, you work independently, but have a pronounced service gene, you are helpful and can work well in a team.


Typical tasks as an infrastructure consultant

A well-functioning infrastructure is essential if our clients want to reap the full business value of their IT solutions. Globeteam helps clients optimise and modernise their IT infrastructure so that it supports the business and works as a foundation for companies’ digital transformation.

We work closely with the clients, which means that you have the opportunity to reach the core of your competencies; namely to be an implementing consultant and create value for the client’s business through strategic guidance and technical support and implementation.

In other words, based on your profound and demonstratable understanding of technology and your professional strength in the operational level as well as the theoretical and organisational level, you will work with helping our clients bring value to the business by providing advice within your competencies.

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