Integrated risk management

Gorm Grosen Christiansen - Globeteam

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Risk management across the organisation

The fact that companies are exposed to threats and have vulnerabilities which pose a risk to them is not news. It will also come as no surprise that the best way to maintain control over your risk appetite is to assess all those risks at once, not to look at each one individually. That is something we have known for years. But if the solution is that obvious, then why do so few companies succeed in establishing and running integrated risk management across their organisations?

Part of the explanation is a combination of hyper complex threats and a galloping digitisation agenda that make the security task extremely complex for companies. But that is not the whole picture. Many companies also find that strategic, tactical and operational risk management are detached from each other, and that business units think in silos and silo executable units.

Working with the same agenda across the whole business calls for an integrated risk management model and a prior simplification agenda. These are necessary both in order to reduce the complexity of the risk management model and architecture, and also to allow the business units to collaborate and focus on the same areas at the same time. Globeteam can assist you in making this happen.


This is what you get with Globeteam as your partner

In order to achieve the full effect of the company’s risk management, it is vital to have the right skills composition. At Globeteam, we have many versatile security profiles that range from the top strategic level down to the organisational layers and all the way to the technical specialists in the machine room on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid operational model. Our competencies efficiently complement each other and have all the prerequisites to make a real difference and get your company where it needs to go.

Globeteam’s clients include private and public entities, such as The Central Denmark Region:

“When we first met with a security advisor from Globeteam, it turned out to be a great match between his way and our way of thinking SOC. He brought the right structure for the work, he could formulate the visions, and he was a great communicator. That combination made us decide to start our collaboration with Globeteam in 2020. Even though we have not yet reached all our goals, we are well on our way with our new SOC. The security advisor from Globeteam plays a big part in that,” says Kenneth Becker, CISO in The Central Denmark Region.

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Put the spotlight on sore points of risk management

Integrated risk management is a management model that accounts for the degree of risk inherent at all levels within a given organisation. When used efficiently, integrated risk management is a very proactive process.

At Globeteam, we typically work with integrated risk management using a three-step model.

The first and most fundamental step of the process is to identify risks across the organisation. Then the specific risks need to be assessed based on what they mean for each phase of the operation. Once the operational consequence has been identified, it is important to address the risk at each step of the business process and determine which risk reducing methods can manage the specific risk factor from a holistic perspective. This is done within each area of the operation, leading to increased efficiency and productivity, and also limiting any potential loss.