Project Management

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Project Management

Use the right methods and tools for a more efficient project management

Successful implementation of business and IT projects remains vital to a company’s development and survival ability, and that sets a big challenge in terms of professional and general project management. Globeteam gives you the skills you need to manage business and IT projects efficiently across organisational units, employees and external stakeholders. Meaning you can achieve ideal implementation and project management, all in accordance with your business strategy.  

We have the competencies, methods and experience to assist in the development of a project model and project office, and we are also there to help with the implementation of IT support for your project portfolio. Furthermore, Globeteam has developed a simple and easily implementable project method. 

Efficient project management requires choices and implementation of a suitable project model

Projects can be challenging; this is especially true when we’re talking about IT projects that work across the organisation. There may be different expectations of roles and responsibility in IT than there are in the rest of the business as a whole, and this gap in understanding can even apply to something as vital as the general project overview. This is why it can be useful to have a common model and terminology for projects in the company. This standardisation ensures a better dialogue between IT and the business, making it possible for management to follow and compare IT projects and their progress.  

Globeteam can help you with the development, implementation and documentation of a suitable project model, so you can standardise project work in your company through more controlled, efficient and visible processes.  

But which project model should you choose? There is no one-size-fits-all concept; project models and philosophies always have to be adapted to the individual organisation. Globeteam has good experience assisting with project management through best practice models adapted to the organisation. We also develop generic project models that collect the best elements from the various standard models and methods; these are based on PMI, IPMA, PRINCE2, Agile and MSF, among others. 

Project Management
Strengthen the coordination of your IT projects by establishing a project office

By establishing or optimising your project office, you can ensure collaboration and coordination of projects across the company as well as anchorage of the project culture in business projects as well as IT projects.  

There are no standalone projects anymore: project management of an extensive project portfolio requires management tools and an overview, if the effect of the company’s investments is to be optimised and consumption of resources minimised.  

Is there a correlation between the strategy and the projects in your company? Or a clear prioritisation of projects and resource effort? Globeteam can assist your company by introducing a systematic portfolio management process and establishing a project office that takes care of the cross-sectional coordination of the projects in such a way that:  

Project Management

Technologies for IT support of project management

Globeteam can help you get and adapt IT supported tools to allow efficient project management and coordination of project work, all specifically tailored to your company’s maturity and needs.  

Regarding tools, our primary focus is to determine, acquire and adapt the implementation of an appropriate tool that supports companies’ portfolios, programs and project management processes. For example, we have experience with the implementation of standard products from Microsoft (Project Server) and with development of tools in the platforms (MOSS, SharePoint and MS Office). A minimum of IT support is necessary to ensure a consistent anchorage of a new and existing project model.  

Project Management

Globeteam’s approach to project management

Globeteam’s consultants have provided assistance for business projects and IT portfolio and project management for more than 15 years. Today, our references include many of the leading private companies and public organisations. Our trademark combination is highly qualified and certified consultants who have experience within the IT and business world. 

We use recognised project management certifications and methods like PMI, IPMA, PRINCE2, Agile and MSF. We draw on a methodical, organisational and tool-based approach that supports the company and is adapted to its levels of maturity and ambition. This makes us capable of successfully delivering both project solutions and a large profit for our clients.