Our responsibility - Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) are key factors in measuring a company’s sustainability and ethical impact on the environment. At Globeteam, we want to be a part of this collective responsibility and as such in 2021 we expanded our work to include separate ESG reporting. We conduct annual reporting so that we can track progress and continuously improve the way we do business.

Globeteam’s ESG reporting is prepared in collaboration with the consulting firm MJ Hudson and describes the relevance of ESG in relation to the industry in which Globeteam operates. This is our second round of ESG reporting, and moving forward we will continue to sharpen our ESG measurements.

The report shows that we already have a good handle on information security and can show evidence of GDPR compliance. It also shows that Globeteam has a relatively low carbon footprint. In 2022, we spent a lot of time implementing and formalising our governance policies, including a whistle-blower policy and policies to combat bribery, corruption, and money laundering. These have all been put in place to foster a shared responsibility within the business.

Summary of the sub-conclusions

Energy and carbon
  • Energy & carbon is high on the agenda within Globeteam. Our carbon
    footprint shrank by 22% from 2021-2022, driven by reduced energy
    consumption due to increased focus
  • Globeteam does not yet monitor the energy expenditure of its data centres. However, the Microsoft Azure data centres used by Globeteam are targeting fully renewable electricity usage and carbon neutrality by 2025.
  • Globeteam is exploring options to source green electricity for its operations.
Service & quality
  • Globeteam manages its service quality periodically through monitoring assessments conducted by senior personnel and peer reviews.
  • Software engineering faults (e.g. bugs and defects) are continuously monitored and fixed. There were no major incidents identified in 2022.
  • Over the past year, no product or service quality errors were detected.
  • In 2023, Globeteam will implement periodic customer satisfaction surveys. Results will be discussed and appropriate follow-up action will be taken.
Data security and customer privacy
  • As an IT consulting firm, data privacy and security is important to Globeteam.
  • At Globeteam, there is an integrated approach to data security management, governed by the ISMS document – summarising the management of risks, allocation of responsibilities and approach to incident management.
  • Securing information and client
    data is important to Globeteam, as shown by our practices and policies established in line with ISO 27000 and GDPR requirements.
  • Globeteam is audited by an external IT auditor annually and an ISAE 3000 report is available pertaining to GDPR and the information security,
  • In 2022, zero security breaches or hacking incidents were reported.
Sustainability principles
  • ESG policies and practices are increasingly top of mind within Globeteam. ESG progress is reported on annually and discussed during board meetings.
  • As part of its charitable activities, Globeteam supports the charities:
    – Danske Hospitalsklovne, providing entertainment and support to children suffering from illness.
    – Julehjælpen, which helps financially needy families with children in Denmark, so that they can celebrate a good Christmas.
    – BørneTelefonen, a counseling service run by Børns Vilkår for children and young people who are having a hard time.
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