Art Gallery Intelligence

Jacob Elkjær - Globeteam

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Art Gallery Intelligence

Art Gallery Intelligence is Globeteam’s data-based solution for museums and art galleries. By using advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence, museums and galleries can have a real-time overview of the visitors’ movement patterns, behaviour, preferences, and other parameters that can be used as a data foundation for strategic decisions.

Unique experiences, knowledge dissemination and, of course, high visitor numbers are important parameters for the country’s museums. But where the sector’s business strategy previously relied on limited knowledge about visitors and their behaviour, today, it can be based on detailed, data-based insight into each visitor’s movement pattern, purchase history, and personal preferences. An insight that can be converted into action.

The solution is called Art Gallery Intelligence and was developed by Globeteam. Among other things, the solution can:

data strategy

Anonymised data

Art Gallery Intelligence is tailored for art museums and galleries but can also be adapted to other businesses where it is relevant to have detailed insight into behaviour and patterns.

The solution consists of sensor technology and software which is equipped with artificial intelligence. Thereby, data is continuously optimised, and the decoding of visitors’ behaviour is improved. The solution anonymises the individual visitor so that the system cannot be used for anything other than to map the unidentifiable people’s movements and behaviour. In the same way, images are immediately digitalised into codes instead of pictures, for example.

Art Gallery Intelligence consists of an enterprise data platform based on standard Microsoft Azure components, while the anonymised data can be retrieved from Wi-Fi and camera sensors that are installed in the different rooms in the museum, for example. The solution will be constructed according to principles that make the data project a natural part of the technological journey which the museum is already on. Thus, it will not be based on principles that create a costly parallel universe.