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Benefit from a clear, cohesive sourcing agreement by integrating strategy, technology, finance and law

There is an increased demand from both existing and new clients for help with sourcing. Particularly outsourcing, acquisitions and repatriation of already outsourced IT, but we also see a need for help with more specialised disciplines. Among other things, in connection with corporate mergers or divestures where there is a need to streamline the technology and provider landscape, including financial analyses and contracts.  

Globeteam offers sourcing that, as an advice area, sets itself apart significantly within the market due to two substantial advantages:  

  • First of all, we cover and integrate all four necessary disciplines in sourcing projects: strategy, technology, finance, and law.
    We have found that there is a tendency for law and finance in particular to be handled separately when it comes to sourcing projects. What’s more, they are often carried out by representatives from different consultancy firms each with their own individual goals and methods. This leads to a debilitating lack of cohesiveness between central parts of the subsequent sourcing and IT contract. 
  • Second of all, we ensure the client can make competent employees available in order to enter into a successful sourcing project.
    A successful sourcing project does not truly show its value until the project is finished and one or several of the providers or an internal IT organisation have taken over responsibility and started the deliveries in accordance with the intention and/or contract. The amount of knowledge that stays in the organisation, after having participated in a sourcing project, is, therefore, crucial to the success of the project. With active participation of the company’s employees in the project, we ensure a profound knowledge of the intentions of a delivery agreement right from the beginning of the agreement. 

Of course, in addition to this internal component Globeteam provides experienced senior consultants within all four professional disciplines that form the backbone of the project, as well as other specialist areas where the client does not want or does not have the opportunity to add resources.

Solid and documented efficient project method

A successful sourcing project has an efficient and smooth IT contract as the end result. In order to achieve this, it is all about organising the four necessary professional disciplines of the project through uniform goals, mindset and a solid, documented, efficient method. 

Globeteam offers sourcing projects where everyone who works on the project has the same goal and works according to the same method. This is an approach that ensures the highest quality. The strong mindset among our professional consultants ensures a high level of performance throughout the entire project. 

At Globeteam, we have developed a four-step method for sourcing projects which all of our consultants work by. The method can be adapted based on the job’s size, complexity and, not least, type of contract and it can be used as a roadmap from start to finish for a complete project. The method also creates an integrated work foundation in situations where the client wants their competent employees to assist. 

Please contact us if you want more information or a presentation and review of our method for sourcing projects.