Strategic advice

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Strategic advice

Get strategic advice on digitisation, processes, data and organisation

How can your organisation maximise business profit from digital opportunities? Which strategy should you follow? Does the IT department deliver services that bring the highest possible value to the business? And does it ensure that IT investments support the business’ strategy and vision? Globeteam can help you create cohesiveness between IT and business. With strategic advice, we ensure that you achieve the desired gains from your digital effort. Your IT investments’ business value is maximised, and the organisation’s revenue, quality and service are optimised. 

Strategic advice

How do you optimise your business processes, exploit data strategically and structure your organisation in the best way?

With our strategic advice, we help you make the right decisions about how to reach your goals in overall business strategies and objectives. We also advise on which technologies and tools you should use to get the most value for money. We provide you with good advice on how your organisation and processes should be transformed.   

Globeteam is with you the entire way. Right from strategic advice to assistance with and implementation of strategies, action plans and specific IT solutions. We help with everything from individual tasks to larger solutions, where we incorporate Globeteam’s technical skills and services when needed. 

We focus on establishing realistic and executable strategies and action plans that are realised in close collaboration with our clients through strategic initiatives and projects – and not through extensive strategy reports. Our most important success criteria is that our clients receive services and advice that create real business value and results in their everyday work.  

Examples of core competencies within strategic advice are:

Digitisation strategy

We make a plan for how your organisation can best benefit from the many digital solutions available, and ensure that those solutions support the business’ goals, strengthen the client experience and increase the company’s revenue. The strategy ties the business objectives together with the digital effort to create a visible, direct link between the organisation’s goal and strategy; showing how digitisation can support or even be a prerequisite for achieving these objectives.

Changes through digitisation

Digitisation can often drive a change in the organisation or parts of it – and, thus, digitisation is a leverage for development of the organisation.

Digital transformation

We offer advice and assistance to identify, execute and quality assure specific transformation projects, such as, for example, organisational and process analyses, process optimisation with automation and business intelligence. We can help organisations look at all of, or parts of, their IT organisation; or at departments or teams in the business that might not work so well. We then suggest changes to the goals, processes, roles and responsibilities, system use, and more.

Optimisation of business processes

We can help you use new technologies and platforms to improve your business processes, for example via Office365, chat bots, AI or RPA. Or we can support a complete business process digitally. Along the way, we can help by measuring your organisation’s readiness to digitalise processes.

Sourcing strategy and changed sourcing setup

We help you find the optimum way to blend the company’s own management of systems and infrastructure with an out/in sourcing of all or some IT usage. We can help you make a call for tender for parts of your IT services, then help choose suppliers and carry out the subsequent transition. A high priority area is the exploitation of opportunities in Cloud technology, where Globeteam has extensive experience setting goals and carrying out the transition to Cloud. This also includes establishing an efficient governance of any Cloud solutions that are implemented.

We can help you reach the objectives of your IT or business project. Globeteam has several experienced, certified project managers and programme managers who can carry out your technical IT project or your business project.

Project Assurance

We offer to function as a consultant and mediator in complex IT projects and ensure progress, risk minimisation, efficient project execution and supply the management with a reliable decision foundation.

Strategic advice

With strategic advice from Globeteam you get:

At Globeteam, our business consultants often work closely with our consultants who have technical insight and experience, ensuring that the IT function and exploitation proactively serve the business. In that way the skills from our business and process consultants ensure technical anchorage within management, and a successful investment and support of the company’s strategy. 

In recent years, Globeteam’s business consultants have solved tasks for organisations like SKAT, Banedanmark, The Danish Health Data Authority, Simcorp, Energinet, The Danish Road Directorate, Mærsk, The State Sector Competence Fund, GN Hearing, KMD, The Danish Business Authority, Arriva and many municipalities, such as Frederiksberg, Syddjurs, Bornholm and Faxe, among others.