Managed Services

Holger Brøns Jensen, Managed Services, Globeteam

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Managed Services

Optimise the business value of your IT platform with Globeteam Managed Services

Adaptability and innovation have become key competitive parameters, and this is reflected in the demands placed on a company’s IT platform. Your applications and IT services must be both available and stable, but at the same time they must also support the business’ ability to evolve and adapt effectively. Building and maintaining the skills, processes and procedures needed to meet these requirements requires a lot of resources.

With Globeteam Managed Services you get a trusted operating partner, meaning you can focus on your core business. We ensure that your IT platform is always reliable and functional, and that it is continuously improved and refined to best match your needs, so you can grow and scale your business.  

Our Managed Services include:

Secure operation and management of your cloud platform

Many companies underestimate how big a task cloud operation actually is. When you move to the cloud, data centre operations are indeed minimised, however maintaining and managing systems and applications in the cloud still requires solid expertise and experience if you want to reap the full benefits.

As a Managed Services partner, we can take care of the establishment, support, operation and maintenance of your cloud systems and applications, so that you achieve:

You won’t have to deal with data security, GDPR, Schrems II, etc; our private cloud services comply with all European data security regulations, as you would expect.

You can read more about our different cloud deliveries here.

Managed Services

Keep your applications aligned with your business strategy

Without structured management of updates, corrections and further development, your IT solutions will quickly become defunct, and your business will no longer benefit from the investment made to develop and deploy those solutions.

As a consultancy firm with its roots in software development across regions and countries – and across companies and sectors – we offer a skill centre with extensive experience in application development, further development and life cycle management. This means that you are guaranteed applications and solutions that work well and are up to date with the continuous changes affecting the IT world.

Globeteam can manage every aspect of the task from documentation and handover to ongoing maintenance and reporting. Whether you need stand-alone business applications tailor-made and coded from scratch, or standard applications that are adapted and integrated to your infrastructure and systems.

Another important element of application management is managing the lifecycle of a solution. We can help you design and develop a plan for how your business applications will live and evolve – and ultimately how they will be retired.

Highly skilled nearshore and offshore delivery capability

These days, skilled IT resources are a scarcity, and this is one of the main reasons companies are not digitalising their workflows and business at the pace they would like.
Globeteam’s resource base is Danish, but to offer the necessary capacity and flexibility in this global world, we have expanded with both offshore and nearshore capacity in Vietnam and Poland.

As a customer, you have the opportunity to support your business’ scalability and development with a highly qualified, English-speaking team specialising in development, maintenance and operations. And the price is more than competitive compared to hiring permanent staff.

Put together your own dream team
We have a wealth of experience setting up teams for our customers, with you involved in the selection process and approving the people who will work on your IT solutions. Usually, we put in a Danish liaison officer who knows both your business and our foreign base. This ensures that communication is top-notch, and that cooperation is the focus when deliverables are required on an ongoing basis.

Managed Services

An experienced and transparent Managed Services partner

With Globeteam as your Managed Services partner, you get access to the most skilled specialists with expert knowledge and decades of experience in IT operations. The cornerstone of all our services is expert knowledge, stability and trust.

We offer flexible management of everything from single solutions to wall-to-wall operation of systems on a large scale. Depending on your current needs and challenges, we can strengthen existing solutions or build new ones. Always with stability and security in mind, and with dialogue and transparency in everything we do.

In this way, you can be sure that your IT does not become a mysterious “black box” of expert knowledge, but an accessible tool that supports your business goals and growth.

Over the years, we have specialised in delivering Managed Services solutions to a wide range of industries; from finance to transport and insurance, we’ve helped many customers streamline their business.

Most of our services can be adapted to all kinds of industries, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.