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Flexible and “flat” management structure

Globeteam has an open and flexible management structure with few visible decision-making processes. CEO Claus Moldow and the managers of the individual teams handle the day-to-day management.

Claus Moldow

is co-founder and Executive Director of Globeteam. Claus has been employed within the IT industry for more than 25 years, primarily within sales and management. Claus has experience from ØK where he was for 16 years. As a sales director and co-owner, Claus helped transform ØK Data into a market-oriented organisation and spearheaded the sale of ØK Data/Netlog to Aston in 1999. Claus co-founded Globeteam in 2001.

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Morten Strunge Nielsen

Morten Strunge Nielsen is Project Director in Globeteam and is responsible for Globeteam’s production being highly professional and, thus, keeping the clients satisfied at all times.

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Andreas Strandbygaard

Andreas Strandbygaard is the Managing Director for Globeteam’s Danish activities.

Andreas comes from a leading position at Netcompany, where he has built global business consulting. Prior to that, he was associated with the consulting firm Accenture for several years, both as a consultant and a leader.

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Globeteam’s Board

In the summer of 2021, the investment fund Norvestor acquired share majority of Globeteam. Read the press release: ”Norvestor acquires Globeteam”.

In this way, a new board was established, which in the future will consist of chairman of the board Mogens Elsberg and board members Henning Vold, Kasper Skovgaard Kristensen and Nina Fisker Olesen.

Mogens Elsberg

Mogens Elsberg is chairman of the board.

He has been on the Globeteam board since 2003, and he was also chairman of the board in the period 2014-2021.

Mogens was previously the director of Bluegarden, and before that the CEO of e-conomic and GN Netcom. He co-founded his own company within the Payment Services business. He has also worked as General Manager of Microsoft and held several management positions with IBM. Today, he works as Operating Partner with Marlin Private Equity and has investments in different start-up companies within B2B software.

Henning Vold

Henning Vold is a partner at Norvestor, which he acceded in 2001 as Investment Manager. He was previously responsible for investments in many of the investment fund’s core industries and has particular expertise within the business and consumer service sector. Henning started his career as an IT consultant with Cap Gemini. His management experience focuses primarily on IT growth companies.

Kasper Skovgaard Kristensen

Kasper Skovgaard Kristensen became Investment Director with Norvestor in 2021 and he runs the office in Copenhagen. Before joining Norvestor, he spent 10 years in a private investment company where he made several investments within different sectors, including health care, industry, software and consumer services. Before this, Kasper worked for three years in Deloitte Corporate Finance.

Nina Fisker Olesen

Nina Fisker Olesen is Investment Director in Kirk Kapital and has been a member of the board since 2022. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration, Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School. Nina is also a board member in Mobilhouse and Ellepot. Before joining Kirk Kapital in 2017 she worked in Nordea Corporate Finance.

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