Data Strategy

Jacob Elkjær

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Data Strategy

Get more out of your business data with a data strategy

All companies generate enormous amounts of data which comes in many forms; accountancy data, staff data, logistics data, security data, application data, network data, and many more.

There is absolutely nothing new about that. What is new, however, is the fact it’s now possible to choose, collect, structure, analyse and, to a certain extent, aggregate and anonymise this data. The value of data can now increase our insight into our own businesses, provide better decision-making foundations and ultimately, make us more competitive. This is why we all need a data strategy.

However, you need to know what you are looking for with your data strategy, and you should know how to find it. If you do not, you risk spending a lot of time and effort fumbling about.

Globeteam can help bridge this gap between unresolved business potential and practical reality, so that data projects support the company’s core business and business goals for the data project.

Data Strategy

The first steps towards your data strategy

There are so many different ways to use your business data, which is why when you start out with your data project it is important to limit the area of use and lay out a data strategy early on in the process.

Will the data analyses be used for making strategic decisions or strengthening the company’s market position? Or will they, for example, be used to increase insight across organisations and make data an asset? Will they be used to take measurements of the indoor climate of a building? Will you track the clients’ movement patterns in a physical store? Are you performing automated accountancy revisions in the finance department? Or do you want to increase your visibility and situational understanding related to the company’s exposure to risk?

At Globeteam, we have developed a standardised approach to create specific business value in data projects. As set out in this approach, we work in a structured way, so that the right, enriched data are selected and become practically usable, transforming the data into an irreplaceable, strategic management tool.

Data Strategy

Get inspiration for the next steps on your data journey

At Globeteam, we put together a carefully selected team of experts that work with data projects and data strategy. We have more than 50 consultants from many different backgrounds for our data work. One of our great strengths is that the people working on our projects have great professional diversity, enabling us to support our clients widely and profoundly in data projects – both strategically and operationally. This ensures that the project supports a specific business goal and the data management has both meaning and direction.

Based on this, at Globeteam we have supported our clients with, for example, a pre-analysis of the project’s collective business potential, including recommended efforts, measurement of expected efficiency, etc. In the execution of the project itself, we support with business advice, guidance on the technical setup of AI models, setup of the governance structure in Microsoft Azure and the development of the solution.

Data Strategy

We know your industry

As mentioned earlier, all companies generate large amounts of data and can therefore also benefit greatly from data projects and a clear data strategy. At Globeteam, we have customers and specialists in a wide range of industries. Our customers include both private and public organizations in areas such as environment, retail, research and education, finance and accounting, transport and facility management. You can read more about some of our solutions below.

Environmental data

Environmental data

Strategic use of data. Create insight and value

The need to be able to manage, share and exhibit environmental data has never been greater, and the coming years will hardly be an exception. For years now, we have helped companies, agencies and municipalities to use data strategically as a solid decision-making foundation. This has helped stakeholders across organisations that use environmental data to develop politics and approve new laws, among other things. But it has also helped citizens who have higher demands for environmentally sound solutions and companies that use data to make production more sustainable and bring efficiencies to their resource consumption and use.

facility management

Facility Management

Create an inspiring and climate-friendly workplace  

Resource efficiency, cost savings, health, collaboration, indoor climate. These are all parameters that need to be considered in terms of the operation of modern office buildings. With Globeteam’s data-based solution “Facility Management Intelligence” and based on increased data-based insight and a data strategy, you can design the hybrid workplace of the future.

Read more about our industry solution Facility Management Intelligence here

Physical Retail

Physical Retail

Increase the property’s value. Have a solid decision-making foundation and get more customers into your store 

Physical retail is undergoing a transformation process. Where the business strategy previously relied on limited knowledge about customers’ behaviour, today the strategy is based on detailed, data-based insight into each customer’s movement patterns, personal preferences and purchase history.

Read more about Digital Retail Intelligence which is Globeteam’s solution for the retail industry. A solution that can support the transition from the burning platform which physical retail is on today, to a future-proof business model.

Museums and art galleries

Museums and art galleries

Understand your visitors

Unique experiences, knowledge dissemination and, of course, high visitor numbers are important parameters for the country’s museums. But where the sector’s business strategy previously relied on gut feelings about the visitors and their behaviour, today it can be based on a detailed, data-based insight into each visitor’s movement patterns and personal preferences. An insight that can then be converted into action.

Read more about Art Gallery Intelligence which is Globeteam’s data-based solution for museums and art galleries

data strategy


We base most data projects on standard Azure Cloud components, but we also use machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as working with sensors and advanced software.

The collective solution is built on principles that make the data project a natural part of the technology journey that the individual company is already on. We do not build it on principles that create a costly parallel universe.