Digitisation Strategy

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Digitisation Strategy

Get a digitisation strategy that creates cohesion between business goals and digital measures

Which digital measures are essential to competitiveness in your industry? How can you give your clients and partners a better, faster and cheaper service? How can you integrate digital solutions in your products and services? Globeteam’s management consultants can help your company create a clear digitisation strategy that brings cohesion to your business goals and digital measures. We can also ensure that your IT department and business are closely integrated, working with the same purpose and focus.  

Digitisation Strategy

Do you need a digitisation strategy?

The large array of digital solutions available today provide many opportunities to create business-related advantages. Many organisations lose sight of the big picture however, and do not establish a digitisation strategy. Without this, there is no clear cohesion between digital measures and business and no clear picture of how the IT department creates business value. Instead, IT resources are used to maintain old solutions that are not flexible or user-friendly, and this poses challenges to the business as well as the IT department.    

For example, the feeling within the business might be 

At the same time, the IT department might often find that:  

In short, when this happens the dissatisfaction in the IT department as well as in the business is wide-ranging, meaning digital opportunities are not explored in an optimum way, and this ends up hurting everybody.  

Digitisation Strategy

Use digital opportunities to achieve business-related advantages

Many organisations want to improve this issue but do not have the necessary tools to gain clarity on the situation, get a digitisation strategy, and establish an organisational setup to support the process and make it possible.  

At Globeteam, we can help you uncover to what extent your organisation uses the digital opportunities open to them today. Together we can then establish a new common digitisation strategy that describes how to move forward with digital measures, allowing your IT organisation to create visible business value.   

Digitisation Strategy

The process behind a digitisation strategy

A digitisation strategy ensures that you achieve a direct connection between the organisation’s strategic goals and digital measures – and therefore how these specific measures can improve your earnings, enhance the client experience and increase customer satisfaction.  

The process typically starts with an analysis stage where:  

Based on this, the future digital ambition for the organisation is determined, making it possible to support the most important business-related and strategic focus areas for the coming years. 

Finally, we outline:

Digitisation Strategy

Our experience ensures that you can take it easy

We typically carry out our analysis with a business, organisational and technical focus, but the specific content is adapted to the individual organisation’s needs and aims. The digitisation strategy is developed in close collaboration with key resources in IT and in the rest of the organisation, and our process is based on a clear and well-tested method.   

Globeteam has very experienced management consultants available, with great experience in giving advice about digitisation, establishing digitisation strategies and business-run IT organisations. Globeteam’s consultants have carried out similar projects for many public and private organisations, for example, the Confederation of Danish Industry, CPH (Copenhagen Airport), Dovista (Velux), Social Services in the City of Copenhagen, KL – Local Government Denmark, NCC, and RPC Superfos.