Create value for your business with cloud computing

Cloud has become a key element for companies wishing to digitise more of their business. Typically, its effect is to make specific workflows more efficient or to improve a customer experience, but it also speeds up the overall development pace. Cloud opens up an array of opportunities within machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics, among other things. These are disciplines that have been either difficult or impossible to implement in a traditional datacentre. But in the cloud, there are fully developed solutions ready to be taken off the shelf and consumed, all with flexible, transparent pricing models.  

To a large extent, cloud computing is precision work. The construction of a cloud platform, choice of tools, integrations across the environment, setting up security controls, follow-up and use of data. All components are connected and have to be tied together closely in an infrastructure built for speed, flexibility and business development. 

Globeteam is a consultancy firm that covers the entire spectre of cloud-based services. From strategy & management across to infrastructure & architecture, security & compliance to development & innovation; we have extensive experience running cloud projects in the public as well private sector. In addition to meeting the set objectives in a cloud project, we focus on developing the skills of internal teams in a company so that they can continue working on the project independently long after the final handover.  

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Cloud strategy & management

What is your objective with investing in cloud? It might seem like a superfluous question, however in many cloud projects what’s steering the project turns out to be anything but business considerations. This lack of clarity then has an impact on several levels, making it difficult to realise the desired gains with the project.  

Globeteam can step into a cloud project at a strategic level, where we can help limit and define the business objective of an upcoming investment in cloud. From there, we work with action plans, technological roadmaps, governance models and other management tools to guide you towards your end goal.  

Cloud security & compliance

The hybrid workplace and the wish for more freedom to innovate and collaborate have made information security and data protection an even more complex task than it already was. On top of that is the multi-cloud infrastructure where companies have to find a balance in the transition from on-premise to an increasingly more cloud-based IT environment.  

Globeteam has extensive experience with designing security in the cloud that protects people, assets and resources, whilst also letting companies exploit the many opportunities open to them when using cloud resources. We use the most common standards and security principles, such as Zero Trust, to build security and compliance into your solutions, so that you lower the risk of attacks, data loss and breakdowns.  

Cloud infrastructure & architecture

Where should you begin when initiating a cloud project? Or how do you move on if you are in the middle of the digitisation journey and want to accelerate progress? The answers to those questions are often found in an early analysis of the cloud infrastructure and architecture that should support the business development. The interaction between data, systems, network and applications are important when it comes to how easily and fast the employees can execute their tasks across your hybrid IT environment.  

Globeteam helps you design and build the cloud infrastructure that you need to deliver the desired gains. We take into account your external framework conditions, your security structure, your data exchange principles, your management model, and all other technical components included in the overall structure. We have delivered many cloud infrastructure projects, and we have clear opinions as to how you can reach your goals in the fastest, best and cheapest way. 

Cloud innovation & development

When you make the decision to invest in cloud, there are automatically a number of opt-ins and opt-outs. It rarely makes sense to just transfer work methods and work tools from a traditional datacentre world to a hyper-scalable cloud world. The choice of cloud should be based on a business desire to optimise your setup so that the company can perform better with fewer resources.  

One of the most important tasks in a cloud project is the skills transfer that goes on while solving the task. Expert resources within cloud technology are a scarcity. This is why we at Globeteam always focus on developing the skills of the internal team we collaborate with. Within cloud innovation and development that task consists of matching your tool chain with your cloud platform, among other things, so that the development and infrastructure team have the necessary space to deliver on the most important business parameters: time-to-market, fail fast, scalability, agile development processes.