Unique business model


A unique business model strengthens commitment and client satisfaction

In the last 21 years, Globeteam has managed to create a business that grows continuously and has very high client satisfaction. This has been achieved by combining a unique business model with a high technical level, which ensures that our clients receive a committed, focused and qualified delivery.

Globeteam has established a unique business model that strengthens each individual’s motivation, and, in this way, it attracts and keeps some of the best IT and business consultants in the business. Our business model is a cross between a very traditional consultancy firm and a freelance model where the individual consultant and the team are independent “cost centres”, and where the reward is also proportional to results.

For Globeteam’s clients this unique business model means:

Dedicated consultants from beginning to end

First and foremost, Globeteam’s business model offers dedicated consultants from beginning to end. All consultants at Globeteam are individually evaluated and rewarded, based on the results they achieve with our clients. This creates focus and quality in the delivery, and normally results in long-lasting relationships between our clients and our consultants.

As the reward is directly proportional to the results, the consultants’ commitment and motivation are further increased, and they strive to deliver the best solution for the client, whilst also building a long-lasting relationship.


A business-to-business agreement ensuring clients are familiar with their consultants

The unique business model also means that Globeteam, unlike traditional consultancy businesses, enters into contracts with named consultants. Our clients know who is providing their solution, throughout the process. As Globeteam’s consultants work independently, they enter into a business-to-business agreement, instead of a traditional employee relationship, during which the consultant can quit the project with a month’s notice.

In a business-to-business agreement, the consultant is bound by a contract for each agreement, and the individual’s responsibility is therefore tied to the task and the client. Considering the cost of replacing key participants in large IT projects, we are able to offer our clients a very unique advantage with this model.


Offers a high professional level of skills

For more than ten years, Globeteam has managed to attract, and keep, the best IT and business consultants in the business. One way we have achieved this is through our business model. This is why we can offer our clients a continuously high professional level within all areas of Globeteam’s business. This, combined with the consultants’ abilities and will to work in interdisciplinary teams in order to solve the client’s challenges, makes us a competent partner in complex transition projects.


The consultant’s skills are maintained and continuously developed

Globeteam’s unique business model sets a high standard for the individual consultant’s skills being maintained and continuously developed. This is for example evaluated via the consultants’ certifications. Today, Globeteam has more than 130 Microsoft certifications, distributed among approximately 30 consultants. All of Globeteam’s project managers, as well as a series of consultants, are certified in PRINCE2, which is used in project management at Globeteam. Furthermore, the project managers also hold other certifications such as PMP and Scrum, and generally have the experience to adjust to the client’s desired project model.


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