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The future will offer a higher degree of digitisation

Digitisation is the most critical prerequisite to a company’s ability to evolve and stay relevant to their clients, employees and collaborative partners. If you want to reap the full business value of your solutions and create new competitive advantages then a well-functioning digital infrastructure supporting security and users’ needs is vital for you as a company.

At Globeteam, we help our clients realise the value of their company’s fundamental systems and services, then we mature them before a pending digitisation. We make sure this fully supports the company’s needs for developing and strengthening their position within the new digital world.

At Globeteam, we have business consultants and technical specialists with in-depth experience planning and carrying out large and complex digitisation projects. Our specialists bring with them many different competencies and can ensure that your company gets the desired connection between infrastructure and architecture, development and innovation, as well as security and compliance.

Optimal digitisation with the right setup

The cloud has become a hugely important element in any company’s’ IT setup, and increasingly it needs to support the integration of different technologies and hybrid platforms. At the same time, it must also embrace continuously updated security and an outer framework that often consists of industry regulations, legislation, standards and the like. What’s more, users also have to be assured an optimal usage of products and technologies that support the company’s actual needs.

The components of your digital infrastructure and architecture are the technical building blocks that will bring you securely and efficiently into the future. For example, do you wish to optimise your company’s use of IT solutions in order to improve and digitalise specific workflows and business processes? Is there a need to build a more dynamic, efficient and sustainable, hybrid workplace? Or do you need to meet requirements on processing, sharing and acting on data for better calculations, decisions and customer service? Do you need to make cloud an important element in your company’s digitisation and increase the development pace?

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Find the right approach to the digitisation of your business

Examples of Globeteam’s core competencies within IT and digitisation:


Globeteam can help you build a well-functioning cloud solution in order to improve your company’s flexibility and business development. We have vast experience with carrying out cloud projects in both public and private companies. From determining a cloud strategy, building a cloud platform all the way to choosing tools, integrations across the environment, setting security controls and data usage. The strength of our cloud-based services is that they are not only based on one or two subcategories of cloud but cover different disciplines. Thus, the extensiveness of our advice makes us capable of prioritising the effort where it makes the most sense and can best support your wants and needs.

Hybrid workplace

There are a lot of ways to interpret the hybrid workplace. So, it’s important to ask, in what way do you want your workplace to be hybrid? Have the employees got the right skills to work without boundaries or will they need to be re-trained? Do they have access to the right technology? Is security under control in the office, at home and on the go? And so on. Building a dynamic and secure work environment where employees as well as companies can make use of the full potential of their digital toolbox is not as simple as it sounds. Globeteam can help you fulfil your requirements, wishes and needs for the hybrid workplace. From setting objectives and developing employee skills to technical implementation and design of a supporting security architecture.

Business data is worth its weight in gold for companies that want to increase insight into their own business, make better decisions and ultimately strengthen competitiveness. But you have to know what you are looking for and how to find it, otherwise you risk wasting a lot of time and effort fumbling in the dark. Globeteam has developed a standardised approach to creating specific business value in data projects. Their approach is based on three simple questions that a company should be able to answer and justify on a strategic level. Firstly, why do you want to carry out this particular data project? Secondly, how will you ensure that the project delivers the desired value? And finally, which technological tools are needed and how do they function together?


We offer help establishing a DevOps practice in your organisation in order to make the development and operationalisation of new applications more efficient. We can also help ensure that you implement the competencies, methodologies and tools that best support the use of DevOps in your particular organisation and IT environment.

Infastructure as code

Globeteam helps establish a consistent practice and process for rolling out and configuring infrastructure elements for applications and servers. We do that based on the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodology and the GitOps framework, and these also form the basis that will enable you to implement a DevOps practice in your organisation.


Globeteam as a collaborative partner

Globeteam has participated in numerous digital infrastructure and development projects for both public and private companies. With our array of services, we can ensure the desired connection between infrastructure and architecture, security and compliance, as well as development and innovation. In this way we can help you exploit the many opportunities within digitisation in order to support and future-proof your business.

On larger infrastructure and development projects, Globeteam’s technology specialists work with our advisors within strategy and management to ensure that you as a client get holistic advice. Technology is anchored within the business and is not set as a separate objective; this ensures it remains a means to strengthening and creating value for the business.

Several of our development tasks are carried out in close collaboration with our partner in Vietnam, which makes us capable of solving even larger and more complex tasks for clients while maintaining a high level of quality and competitive pricing.

Our solutions and approach to projects have already proven their value to existing clients, such as The Danish Environmental Portal, the Danish Health Data Authority, Lillan Municipality, Kromann Reumert, GN Hearing, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saniona and TAXA 4×35.