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Digitisation Strategy 

What’s your Digital Ambition?

Globeteam can help you with an operational digitisation strategy that creates a direct link between business-related goals and digital measures. 

Digital opportunities within the business arena are endless. A business often has wide-reaching digital requirements but those requirements are not always clearly formulated. Another common issue is that the IT department does not think in a business-oriented way. Alongside these challenges, there is also often a focus on the busy day-to-day operation of a business which can sometimes overshadow the bigger picture of the most important digital measures within the organisation over the next 1-2 years. These measures must directly support the organisation in reaching its business-related and organisational goals and need to be understood and communicated clearly across the business, both in management and in IT.  

With a collective digitisation strategy , put together using Globeteam’s “Digital Ambition” method, your organisation will have an overview of:   

Digitisation Strategy 

Globeteam gets your digital ambition rolling

Digital ambition and its related roadmap are defined as part of a brief, intensive course in a collaboration between business management, IT management, and Globeteam’s digital business consultants. 

The project is relevant for organisations that might be facing large changes to their market-related terms, for example, or organisations that lack a clear direction to exploit digital opportunities, or maybe organisations where business and IT are having difficulties creating a common language and understanding. 

Globeteam has helped both large and small organisations in many industries define their digital ambition. If you want to hear more about what a digital ambition is, what it can do for you, what Globeteam’s experiences and recommendations for the project are, and, not least, how you specifically should tackle this important issue, then contact us and schedule an initial informal meeting.  

Digitisation strategy 

If you want to know more about how to develop a digitisation strategy, you can read more here:  

Digitisation strategy

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