Hybrid workplace

Hybrid workplace

Build a hybrid workplace with Globeteam as your adviser

In case you have any lingering doubts on the matter, a hybrid workplace is not just old wine in new bottles. The hybrid workplace is a term we at Globeteam use to refer to the realisation of a flexible, dynamic work environment where both employees and companies can exploit the full potential of their digital toolbox.  

Working from home, working in an office and mobile work meld together into new structures that provide an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on the planning and execution of work tasks.  

Our strength at Globeteam is that our consultant service covers the entire strategic and technical spectre. Our advice is not based on one or two sub-categories of the hybrid workplace but covers several disciplines. From setting objectives and training employees, to technical implementation and design of a supporting security architecture. The extensiveness of our advice makes us capable of prioritising the effort where it makes most sense based on your requirements, wishes and needs. 

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Hybrid Readiness

All companies are different and, therefore, all companies have different priorities when it comes to what to implement when in a hybrid workplace. Even though companies are all unique, it makes sense, in terms of IT, to start with a number of standards that could support a more flexible work life.  

Globeteam Hybrid Readiness is an approach that ensures you prioritise the right efforts in the correct order. We carry out an initial needs analysis and dive into the areas where your company can gain the most – for example by streamlining your meeting platforms, designing a new security architecture or upgrading employees’ skills.  

Hybrid security architecture

Tool by tool, companies might have experience with fencing in a user organisation in a sensible way. The new security challenge of a hybrid workplace is that it combines working from home, working from the office and mobile work, which all but abolishes the traditional understanding of work as a function of time and place. Instead, work is now the entire cross-organisation of users, devices, identities, rights, roles and information; and that calls for a newly designed, hybrid security architecture.  

Globeteam’s expertise consists of creating a security architecture to match a company’s work rhythm. The security policy cannot be so restrictive that users feel they are wearing a strait jacket, and it cannot be so lax that employees end up compromising security. We strike a balance by using the Zero Trust principles, for example, that ensure continuous validation of the employees and managers accessing data. We have also developed a cloud compliance concept, Fit for Cloud, that can speed up the digitisation pace and integrate into the existing governance processes so that the IT department are not overburdened with parallel work.  

Hybrid communication and collaboration

A hybrid workplace builds on a platform mindset that ties communication and collaboration together across the organisation. Time and place are no longer the deciding factors for how and when you work. In a hybrid workplace, you focus a lot more on the quality of the work carried out, while external circumstances take a backseat.  

Globeteam’s primary delivery within hybrid communication and collaboration is connecting digital tools with a governance structure to match the individual company. Among other things, it is about designing a hybrid security architecture that strengthens collaboration and flexibility whilst at the same time also protecting users and company data.  

We use a broad palette of technological tools, but have specific expertise within the Microsoft universe where we support a hybrid workplace with, for instance, Microsoft Security and Zero Trust design principles, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, Viva and the entire array of Microsoft 365 services. 

User adoption

Profit realisation in any IT project will be non-existent if the users do not embrace the new, digital work tools and use them appropriately. Therefore, user adoption should also be a strategic priority area in the implementation of a hybrid workplace, because it is this deep anchorage that make people safe, secure and efficient.  

At Globeteam, we use several methods to work on user adoption and a hybrid workplace. We focus on optimising the user experience one step at a time, so that the changes do not feel too overwhelming, or else we risk creating resistance. We educate and train employees on holding meetings and collaborating in new ways to support an efficient workday and increase the joy of working. We also help prepare employees and managers for how to react correctly in accordance with new hybrid threats.  

Microsoft certifications

Globeteam has many years of experience working with Microsoft technologies to support a hybrid workplace. Our competencies are supplemented by the fact that we are a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner within the 5 competency areas that we work with in the Microsoft platform.

We have eight Specializations within the categories of “security” and “modern work”; these relate directly to the deliveries we offer on the hybrid workplace. Our Specializations are a guarantee that we have in-depth experience and expertise as well as documented success with the following deliveries, among others: