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Become a security consultant with Globeteam’s Risk & Security team

Risk & Security support companies in accelerating their transformation towards a digitalised business model, equipped to handle rapidly changing threats. Therefore, we are looking for the right security consultants with specialised competencies for the team.

The goal is to make cyber and information security an essential and relevant business matter, and thereby help the IT department to incorporate the subject into the business. Among other things, this will take place by upgrading the skills of boards, managements and business units, so that they, through situation-specific insight, can ask the right questions of their organisation and suppliers, and make timely and correct decisions.

The cyber threat is a business risk which is only going to increase, and can have very big consequences and ultimately shut down companies in worst-case scenarios. This is why, now more than ever, the focus is on strategic risk and crisis management, and companies need support to be able to navigate this.


Who are you?

You can become a security consultant in the team if you have solid experience. You know the different standards within compliance, information security and risk management, and you have documented practical experience within these areas.

In other words, you have tried many things within this area of expertise, and your peers consider you one of the best in your field. But equally importantly, you have to fit in well with the team and should be able to work in organisations at all levels.

Of course, technology encompasses some of the tools that we introduce, but risk management is to a large extent about cooperation and coordination between people, which is why we prioritise finding the right candidates who fit into the team’s dynamic.

In short, you have the experience and the competencies needed to become part of an elite unit. You have a clear mission to establish the best possible protection against the threat caused by increased digitalisation.

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This is how we work

Companies tend to look at risk management from their own perspective. This means that their focus is on the company’s soft spots, where it will hurt the most to get hit. Security precautions are prioritised according to this. We, of course, want to maintain this perspective, but we want to supplement it with two added levels; a receiver and opponent approach.

The receiver
In the receiver-oriented approach, the individual company is at the centre of the entire process. There has to be a receiver-orientation which is completely embedded in all of our behaviour and method approach – we have a genuine interest in understanding the organisation as a prerequisite to really being able to help it move forward. This has to be in sharp contrast to an approach where you deliver a “one size fits all” product.

The opponent
The second layer of our approach is about putting yourself in the opponent’s place. In other words, we want to identify where the threat is coming from. We want to paint a picture of who they are, what they want, and what they will look like when they come. With this picture, we can equip the company to create differentiated security measures that meet the actual threat to a higher degree.

We do not bring a traditional consultant-sender perspective. We want to replace the “go ahead and open the folder with recommendations” approach with a close and meaningful collaboration. Only with that deeper understanding will we be able to establish sustainable risk management.


Your team leader

The team lead is Gorm Christiansen who for many years has had a prominent career in the security business. Gorm is the former Head of Cyber Security for the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), and he has also been the IT Manager at ATP and Area Director at Deloitte.

From 2015 to 2018, Gorm was the Head of Cyber Security for the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET). Then he worked for Deloitte for two years where he advised companies within risk management areas about cyber and information security.

“For obvious reasons, I cannot comment on the work tasks that I was assigned with in PET. But it is no secret that I have profound knowledge of the threats that Danish companies face, and how they should be handled.

At the same time, it is important for me to emphasise that my approach to this kind of work is to ensure that it is carried out on a basis of propriety.

The companies that Globeteam works with have to feel 100 percent safe that our advice and our recommendations completely match their needs. This is an area where people sometimes oversell due to a fear that can be created with many top executives, because they are unsure of what they are facing and the fact that it is no longer legitimate to neglect this threat,” says Gorm Christiansen.

If you have questions about the position as a security consultant, or if you just want to talk to have a better sense of the role, then reach out to Gorm Christiansen on mobile +45 3093 4757

Listen to Gorm Christiansen talk about life as a consultant with Globeteam

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