Think about security in a wider sense and achieve successful digital transformation with Globeteam

Digital transformation is the growth engine of many companies. But the more knowledge that is shared, the more data that is generated and the more processes that are digitalised, the more vulnerable a company also becomes to attacks.

This is one of the biggest dilemmas for the modern company. As companies move further into their digital transformation journey, they find themselves increasingly exposed to rapidly growing threats. How do you manage that complex security task? A task where companies are best protected by thinking about physical, behavioural and digital security, all in conjunction.

At Globeteam, we dial down the complexity by zooming in on the specific security challenge in a specific security project. Companies cannot solve everything at once. There is simply not enough time, money or resources to do that. It is all about grabbing the part of the digital transformation process that provides the most business value right here and now. Then we start a sustainable and risk-based maturation of the company’s robustness which will support the company’s long-term development.

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Globeteam’s security approach

Central to Globeteam’s security approach is an experienced and multidisciplinary team of 50 security consultants; with a strong common set of values, they can solve tasks at a strategic, tactical and operational level. This professional diversity and depth provides the basis for a deep understanding of the organisational, procedural and technical issues that may be blocking further maturation and business support.

Several of Globeteam’s consultants have frontline experience working in the Police and Intelligence Services and have had central positions in companies’ risk and emergency response organisations.

Integrated risk management

Security is a balancing act. It doesn’t help to react with one measure in one single place in the business, if that allocation of time, money and resources then increases the risk exposure in other, more critical business areas. Globeteam assists you with the strategy, design, establishment and continuous optimisation of the company’s risk management – including combining the operational, tactical and strategic risk management into one integrated model


Roughly speaking, the compliance task is like good hygiene. It is the basic security and data management that needs to be under control in order to be able to run a modern, efficient business. However, simply complying with a set of rules can never be the objective in itself; compliance should be considered a means to realising business gains. Globeteam helps determine, plan, organise and elaborate internal guidelines for how companies can comply with the laws and regulations that they are subject to.

Crisis response

When disaster strikes and a crisis emerges, it is vital that the most important business processes are reconstructed as quickly as possible. The prerequisite of an efficient reconstruction process under maximum pressure is that companies have a precise plan as to which processes should be prioritised, and what the people responsible should do along the way. Globeteam helps you plan, test and manage crisis scenarios by stepping in as an advisor at a strategic or tactical level

Zero Trust

The Zero Trust concept is a set of coherent security principles that continuously check the users and devices that are trying to access company data. It is based on the idea that “trust is good, control is better”. Globeteam helps implement those Zero Trust principles that bring the most value to the company. Typically, we can go a long way to improving of the company’s security just by using the solutions that already exist but changing the setup.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management is a vital discipline that ensures the right people get the right access to the right resources within the company. At the same time, it helps create a foundation that supports increased cyber security, zero trust, data protection and better compliance. Globeteam has a strong team of IAM experts who cover both the strategic and technology spectrum, and who can advise your company wherever you are on your Identity and Access Management journey.

Skills development

As the complexity of cyber threats increases, there is a need for quick and easy access to up to date teaching material to train the companies’ IT resources in cyber and information security. Globeteam provides the ideal learning environment to develop the security people’s own skills levels, and it also contains training material designed to test the user organisation’s continuous preparedness for cyber threats.

A strong team of consultants within security

At Globeteam, we have more than 50 security experts who work with security at the highest level. Those security consultants have been carefully selected based on their set of competencies and experience with building, maintaining and developing security solutions and security programs.

The unique thing about many of Globeteam’s security consultants is that most of them have worked in companies or organisations where they experienced threats and cyber-attacks at first hand. To read your way to a theoretical understanding of security bears no comparison with having felt the weight of responsibility when your own image and turnover are at stake.

This extensive experience combined with a strong execution competency make Globeteam’s security services stand out, first and foremost, for delivering specific business value. We do not waste our clients’ time by establishing security programs that encompass way too much, nor do we sell products that are not necessary. We focus – in close collaboration with our clients – on the security challenges that are the most important right here, right now, and then we solve the task.

Globeteam’s clients within security include companies, organisations, institutes and funds of all sizes.

“In our experience, it is not usually the theoretical or analytical stages of security work that cause the biggest problems in companies. It is the subsequent execution ability which can put the brakes on their business development, the ability to actually put words into action and run an efficient security program”, says Gorm Grosen Christiansen, Head of Globeteam’s business unit within security.


Listen to Gorm Christiansen talk about Globeteam’s security unit

Gorm Grosen Christiansen, Globeteam
Gorm Grosen Christiansen
Head of Globeteam’s business unit within security.