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Keep track of requirements and specifications throughout the project with Business Process Management

Is your company facing the prospect of having to purchase and implement a new IT solution? Digitalisation projects are complex, and you risk losing control along the way while trying to convert the business’ requirements into a specific solution. Using Business Process Management (BPM) can support your digital transformation.

At Globeteam, we offer a concept that we call “solution management”. Using the Business Process Management method, we help you gather both business and technical requirements whilst documenting the path from idea to implementation in a cohesive way. This means that you will retain full control of the solution throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

What is solution management?

An essential element of digitalisation projects is the solution; it is the whole reason the project is being carried out and implemented in the first place. Unfortunately, working with requirement specifications is typically fragmented and projects often change hands during different phases as the relevant stakeholders take ownership of their specific part.

The lack of cohesion means that there is a risk of inconsistency, and lack of traceability when requirements are continuously changed as the project progresses. In addition, you lose some of the knowledge that is created through the project, because it is not “reused” and embedded solidly within the company itself. Ultimately, this could result in there being a disconnect between the company’s original vision for the solution and the project’s actual priorities.

Globeteam’s Business Process Management consultants support your project managers by taking charge of the part of the project that focuses on the business-related and technical requirements and specifications. With our concept for solution management, we ensure that all participants work together from idea to finished implementation, so that the delivered solution live up to expectations.


It starts with the processes…

The starting point for any change is the company’s processes. These processes are the foundation for creating insight into how changes to the IT systems and the organisation will affect different parts of your business, and how optimisations can be created.

Basically, Business Process Management is about making the company’s processes more efficient by understanding and documenting them in a structured and controlled way, as well as improving the collaboration surrounding them.

Thus, BPM is always an integrated part of our work on solution management; it contributes by making complex correlations transparent and providing a full overview of what changes the requirements from internal and external players will result in.

The advantages of business management

With solution management and the use of Business Process Management methodologies, the company establishes a solid foundation of data within its own organisation. This is developed as knowledge related to the solution is expanded and documented throughout the different stages of the project. At the same time, you can support the dynamic of the project in a controlled fashion by efficiently keeping all data up-to-date and consistent, as you learn more about the solution you are to purchase. You will achieve the following advantages:

Minimise risks involved in the solution

  • By ensuring a common understanding and agreement with the client and stakeholders on the solution  
  • By documenting and updating what we do from beginning to delivery  

Increase the quality of the solution

  • By managing the solution as a supplement to the project management  
  • By creating a set of cohesive solution documents at all stages of the project  

Adhere to compliance requirements in terms of documents

  • By generating consistency: 
    • System documentation 
    • User documentation 
    • Operation and maintenance documentation  
  • By creating complete cohesiveness and overview of the documentation  

Make the collaboration on digital projects more efficient

  • By tying the project’s technical specifications and documentation together    ​ 
  • By reusing knowledge across the project’s participants/teams  
  • By being able to scale-up to a multi-team setup​ 

Method, tools and model

The concept of solution management is part of Globeteam’s BPM-platform 

Solution management consists of: 
1) a methodology that describes how the project participants use  
2) our solution management tools that  
3) contain the underlying solution management model.  

Experienced Business Process Management specialists at every stage of the project

Our BPM consultants all have more than 20 years of experience with process and solution management through the development of business documentation and technical specifications. As a company, we also have 15 years of experience with methods, models, and tools to establish a BPM platform. 

 We have great business understanding and process knowledge within a number of industries: 

  • Entrepreneurial and consultancy companies 
  • Back Office, investment funds 
  • Bank, Markets & Asset Management 
  • Bank, mortgages 
  • Case Management process 
  • Holiday home rentals 
  • Leasing standard agreements 

The team’s certifications include: 

  • Project management: IPMA, Prince2 
  • Compliance: Data Protection Officer