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IaC & GitOps

Manage your configuration and deployment challenges and processes

Is your organisation struggling with an increasingly complex operational infrastructure, where deploying an application quickly ends up being an insurmountable challenge? All medium to large companies with their own IT operation and application development are struggling with ensuring a consistent process on deploying an application and/or servicing and subsequently maintaining it. With the Infrastructure as Code method, you will be able to manage the infrastructure better and increase quality and security when deploying applications and services.

Configuring and deploying services and applications calls for an increasing number of elements nowadays, with more and more departments being involved. Thus, it is getting more and more complex. Without a framework and overall management, this complexity could lead to a “fragile” infrastructure, where changes would cause unfortunate deployments, poorer security and increased operational costs.

Globeteam can help manage your configuration and deployment challenges. By using the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and the GitOps framework methodology, we ensure a consistent description for all parts of your infrastructure and a set of rules that lead to consistent processes.

IaC & GitOps

Why Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure as Code is a concept that is often used to explain how all infrastructural elements (network, servers, roles, applications, etc.) can be described with code. IaC is often mentioned alongside GitOps which describes a framework for processes, roles and technologies.

IaC can even contribute with a standardisation on how all elements of the infrastructure are described, and how they correlate. This will reduce the complexity involved, improve the quality and as a result the business economics.

There are various tools that define both a standard methodology, a set of descriptions of the elements involved and a script or programming language. They all have their own target group and their own strengths.

IaC & GitOps

How are Infrastructure as Code and GitOps connected?

As mentioned, GitOps sets the framework for a common, structured way of working with development and operation. It consists of a set of processes, technologies and roles/areas of responsibility that ensure an efficient deployment and maintenance of your infrastructure and applications.

GitOps also describes a set of rules for how the operational organisation manages the elements of the infrastructure, and how you administer the changes to the descriptions of the elements that are to be deployed and how they are connected. Establishing a GitOps culture is an investment in the future.

In short, GitOps is a prescriptive approach to the use of Infrastructure as Code and combines the philosophy behind DevOps with a set of infrastructure-oriented methodologies and techniques. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tools based on your needs and make sure that you establish a GitOps culture.

IaC & GitOps

Infrastructure as Code creates business value for your company

With Infrastructure as Code and GitOps, your company gets:

IaC & GitOps

Experienced consultants

Unfortunately, Infrastructure as Code is not clear-cut, and the right choice of technology and tools depends on your organisation’s infrastructure and general competencies. Good advice is therefore essential in terms of assessing if IaC is a good way to go or not, and how a GitOps practise can be established.

Globeteam’s consultants have vast experience with the implementation of IaC methodologies and frameworks like DevOps and GitOps. Therefore, we can advise your organisation on the choice based on your needs and your strengths.

Globeteam has helped a number of clients with implementing a GitOps culture and an internal framework, just like we have also assisted in choosing the right tools to describe their infrastructure and deploy changes.