BPM platform

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BPM platform

Establish a focal point for the company’s digital transformation with our BPM platform

Does your company have a model for carrying out digital changes? Globeteam can help you to establish a BPM platform. This is a “base” in the organisation that provides a foundation for uniform and efficient management in and across digitalisation projects, ensuring knowledge is shared and recycled.

BPM (Business Process Management) is a business and management discipline, the objective of which is to optimise and streamline the company’s processes. It ensures a consistent and cohesive process documentation.

Our BPM platform consists of a method, a tool and a digital model for collecting and consolidating information about the company and its processes – at all levels.

Our BPM platform can be used for the management of:  

Basically, Business Process Management is not necessarily about you doing things differently, but about doing what you normally do in a more structured and conscious way. For that you need a platform that can handle the complexity of your business across all projects, helping generate an overview and any necessary documentation.  

What is the business value of Globeteam’s Business Process Management platform?

As we incorporate knowledge and processes into your BPM platform, you will have a complete digital copy of the company, your data and processes – a “digital twin”. The digital twin strengthens your decision-making foundation and your ability to understand and implement digital changes within the organisation in a uniform way.

Among other things, this means that you can achieve:

BPM platform

15+ years of experience establishing BPM platforms

Our Business Process Management consultants all have more than 20 years of experience managing solutions through the development of business documentation and technical specifications. At the same time, we have more than 15 years of experience with methods, models and tools to establish BPM platforms. 

We have great business understanding and process knowledge within a number of industries:  

  • Entrepreneurial and consulting companies 
  • Back Office, Investment funds 
  • Bank, Markets & Asset Management 
  • Bank, mortgages 
  • Case Management processes 
  • Holiday Home Rental 
  • Leasing standard agreements  

The team’s certifications include: 

  • Project Management: IPMA, Prince2 
  • Compliance: Data Protection Officer