Data-based Facility Management solution for the future workplace

Jacob Elkjær - Globeteam

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The future workplace is flexible, data-based and cost effective

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the design of the future workplace has become a highly topical subject. Globeteam’s Facility Management solution uses fixed building installations, sensors and advanced software to create more sustainable and more digital workplaces that promote employee wellbeing, health and efficiency.

The design of modern office facilities is meant to inspire innovation and efficiency and they will be an increasingly business-critical, competitive parameter when attracting new people to the workforce.

Office facilities must meet the needs of employees who work more independently as well as those who work in a team. They must also support both physical and digital work processes.

Office facilities must be operated in a responsible, sustainable way too; one that is in line with the objectives of the green transition and the ambition to reduce CO2 emissions by 70 percent before 2030, as stated in the Danish climate law. Any type of overconsumption in an office building is not just a waste of valuable resources, it also makes the building less attractive to tenants and investors.

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Increase the value of your leasehold with our facility management solution

Development and real estate experts see usage data as one of the key drivers in increasing the value of an office estate. Søren Kempf Holm, Associated Partner of Robert C. Spies Gewerbe & Investment, said in an interview that the more data a landlord can show tenants, the more attractive the leasehold becomes. And attractive leaseholds are rarely vacant.

He also states that sustainability has become an important component in companies’ self-perception and image maintenance in the market. It sends a positive signal that a company’s office facilities have a green footprint. Even more than that, a sustainable operation is also usually efficient in terms of resources. Property investors can always relate to resource efficiency, because it equates to a hard number in cost saving terms.

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Digital support for the future workplace

Today, an office facility must be able to house those employees that use the building as their primary workspace as well as those who only work from the corporate address a few days a week. Apart from offering appealing meeting rooms and quiet areas, the building must also provide the framework for a safe and healthy workplace that focuses on the employees.

Globeteam has developed a Facility Management Intelligence solution that uses technology to support the operation of a modern office facility. For example, the solution can provide a detailed overview of how many employees work physically in the office every day, every week or every month. It can guide employees to a vacant parking spot. It can show when there are fewer people in the canteen, and much more.

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Get started with a Facility Management solution

Globeteam works with a standard method for start-up and management of all data projects, including facility management projects. The method is based on well-tested technologies and management principles that ensure the company reaps the desired value without putting too much strain on the organisation’s own resources.