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In 2019, Globeteam’s turnover was 282 million Danish kroner which is a 42 million increase from 2018 as is apparent from the company’s recently published annual accounts. Therefore, Globeteam continues the impressive growth curve of the previous six years.

Press release, 21 April, 2020

The profit of 2019 was 16 million Danish kroner which is half a million less than in 2018. However, according to the CEO of Globeteam Claus Moldow, there is a logical explanation.

“In 2019, we introduced an entirely new incentive program which gives our consultants a share in our impressive profits. The program cost us 1.9 million Danish kroner in 2019. When we adjust for that in the annual accounts, profits have increased 8 percent,” says Claus Moldow.

At the same time, he explains that Globeteam recently added a new sector to its already heavily cross-sectoral business model.

“We have just announced that the former head of PET’s Cyber Centre Gorm Christiansen will be heading Globeteam’s new line of business. He will focus on corporate cyber and information security in co-operation with our other business units,” says Claus Moldow.

He relates that this new line of business is a perfect fit in relation to Globeteam’s other activities.

“We can see that our multi-disciplinary business model works and that our clients chose the complete package to cover the entirety of their IT projects. Therefore, it is only natural that we now offer cyber and information security which are areas that will receive increased focus in the years ahead,” says Claus Moldow.

In late 2017, The family-owned investment firm Kirk Kapital acquired the ownership interest of Globeteam, and today they own 46 percent of the consultancy firm. Kim Gulstad, CEO of Kirk Kapital is delighted that they had the opportunity to invest in Globeteam.

“Last year’s annual accounts demonstrate that Globeteam is very much on the right path. It is an incredibly well-run company with a strong focus on current developments. We are very pleased to be a part of this journey. Our investment in Globeteam came with high expectations. And with last year’s annual report, we have noted with satisfaction that our expectations have been met,” says Kim Gulstad.

About Globeteam

Globeteam is a highly specialised consultancy firm which helps companies to optimise both IT and business potentials with digitalisation, highly technical specialisation, and a solid understanding of the market. Globeteam offers services in fields such as management consulting, infrastructure, trends, and cyber and information security.

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