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Globeteam's retail solution based on artificial intelligence

Digital Retail Intelligence is Globeteam’s industry-specific solution for retail. Advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence provide shops, high streets and shopping centres with a real-time overview of customers’ movement patterns, behaviour, preferences and other parameters. All of which serve as a data foundation for strategic management decisions.

Property investors, shop owners and shop tenants have a common interest in running a healthy business. For property investors, it is about increasing the value of their asset. And for shop owners and shop tenants, it is about increasing the turnover of the shop.

Map your customers’ purchasing patterns with Globeteam’s solution for the retail industry

The path to realising these common objectives within physical retail is increasingly decided by how easily, quickly and extensively you are able to map exact customer purchasing patterns. Therefore, Globeteam has developed a digital solution for retail – Digital Retail Intelligence – that can support strategic business objectives around increasing insight into customer flow, movement behaviour, purchasing records and personal preferences.

Among other thing, Digital Retail Intelligence can:

data strategy

Anonymous customer data

The digital solution consists of sensor technology and software, equipped with artificial intelligence, so the solution constantly learns from the registrations and improves its ability to decode customer behaviour.

The solution anonymises the individual customer, so the system cannot be used for anything other than mapping unidentifiable people’s movement and behaviour. No images from the sensors’ registrations are saved, they are immediately digitised in codes instead of images.

The solution is targeted at retail, but can be adjusted to other industries, where it is relevant to have detailed insight into the behaviour of people who visit a company or an area, for example.

Digital Retail Intelligence consists of an enterprise data platform based on standard Microsoft Azure components, while the anonymised images are retrieved from Wi-Fi and camera sensors, among other things, that have been set up in the shops, high streets, or shopping centres.

Watch this video about Globeteam’s industry-specific solution for retail

In this video, Jacob Elkjær tells us more about the solution that is based on advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence. With this solution, shops, high streets and shopping centres can have a real-time overview of customer movement patterns, behaviour, preferences, and other parameters that can serve as a data foundation for strategic management decisions.

Map customer movements

With a headmap, you can monitor and quantify your customers’ movements. You get accurate and enriched datasets about your customers and insight into where, when and for how long the customers move around.

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