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Digital transformation

Steer your organisation securely through digital changes

Some call it “Digital transformation”, others call it “change through digitisation”. However our clients choose to describe it, Globeteam helps select and implement the right IT solutions to support them through this change.  

In order to guide our clients safely through these digital changes and ensure they reap the subsequent business value, we typically bring the entire array of Globeteam’s skills into play.  

Our management consultants manage the project, and they help set a strategy and direction for the changes whilst also uncovering the business-related needs and profit potential. They also help create the necessary management ownership and anchorage among employees. 

The management team works closely with our process, development and infrastructure consultants to help the client find just the right solution and create the best foundation for digitisation.  

Our consultants use the methods and tools best suited for the specific client task. These might include Change Management, Business Process Management and profit realisation, including an assessment of the organisation’s readiness to maintain the changes.  

Digital transformation

We incorporate all elements that are important for a successful digitisation

Globeteam has an ideal model for “The digitisation cycle” (see figure) ensuring that we cover all the most important elements for a successful digitisation.  

Vision. Vision for the task: Optimise collaboration in the municipality • Promote the innovation force • Automation of processes • Compliance according to information security.

Business. Analysis: What does the vision mean for the business? • Processes, information, roles and responsibilityPeople (number and types) • Profit potential.

IT systems and data. Analysis: What does the vision mean for IT systems and data?

Technology. Analysis: How does the vision affect existing and new technology.

Solution options. Decide solutions based on the three analyses • Correlation between gains and solutions • Measuring points for gains/effects.

Migration and implementation plan. Plan for development/setup, establishing roles, processes, etc. in the business and IT • Planning change and use • Updated measuring points and pre-measurements.

Implementation and governance. Implementation and use • Organisational implementation (IT operation and business) • Realisation of gains.  

Feedback and changes. Collection of experiences and input for changes and new business potential.  

The Digitalisation Cycle - Globeteam
Digital transformation

Introducing Microsoft 365

A specific example of the use of Globeteam’s change through digitisation is our approach when introducing Microsoft 365. 

Many organisations might be considering introducing Microsoft 365 or might have already introduced it. Microsoft 365 is an extensive platform that optimises personal efficiency and improves collaboration both internally in the organisation and externally with clients, citizens, partners, and more.  

In many places, the challenge for the digitisation department is to get the business talking about the opportunities with Microsoft 365. If this is not done then people choose to limit the use of the tool so much that the company will not reap the full profit potential. The upshot is that if you do not involve the business sufficiently from the start, then Microsoft 365 implementation primarily becomes a technical project. 

Eksempel på forløb for implementering af Office 365
Digital transformation

Globeteam safely guides you through digital changes

Globeteam can assist in all stages of the project, using standard methods and tools that are adapted to the specific client. Some examples are: