Solution to help companies handle social distancing in the time of corona

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The IT company Globeteam has developed a new IT solution to help companies and employees adhere to the rules of social distancing.

Press release, 27th of April

With the solution, everyone can see the number of employees at work and which offices have the highest concentration of people. For example, this means that an employee can see when there is room in the canteen or if a conference room or common area is full.

All data are completely anonymised which make it impossible to track the physical activity of a specific employee and it is also impossible to see who is present in each office.

The solution is marketed towards all companies and public institutions that can see the benefit of digital support in complying with regulatory requirements like social distancing. In many cases, the solution can be established on already existing infrastructure components.

”Originally, we developed the solution because an increasing number of clients wanted a better understanding of how their buildings are used and utilised by employees and guests. But because of the outbreak of COVID-19, we have modified and focused a part of the solution to support a specific need the companies have, and the solution can be implemented relatively fast. The solution can be implemented on the company’s intranet, either in an existing application or in an application we develop for the client,” says consultant Jacob Elkjær of Globeteam, one of the developers behind the system.

Lots of public offices and government departments, where workers are soon brought back, will be in a situation where they might need an overview of the actual situation when their specific area opens. Stores, retail chains, etc. can act responsibly by showing the number of customers in each store with the help of apps already in use as payment in grocery stores.

In addition, he relates that the system, among other things, can be used to prevent food waste.

“With this solution, companies will know how many are at work at any given day and can adjust the food preparation accordingly. And over time, with the help of machine learning, the system can accurately predict the tendencies on a weekly basis etc.,” says Jacob Elkjær.

He also points out that the solution can help us get better data on how companies utilise their offices and thereby optimise the use of rooms with open space planning and shared workstations or rearrange the furnishing in an area with a specific function. Over time, this data can help management decide on things like relocation plans, the reorganisation of offices etc.

”The solution may also be expanded to other facility services like cleaning coordination as it enables us to see the most well-used offices most in need of cleaning, and, conversely, it also enables us to see which offices are the least used.” says Jacob Elkjær and continues:

”We believe that this will enable lots of companies to begin the physical reopening slightly sooner and safer with the data harvested with the solution, which is not only aimed at COVID-19 but also the general density in specific areas in the companies.”

Globeteam has already implemented the system in the company’s own head office.

For further information, contact Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen, PressConnect, phone +4553850770


Read More About Globeteam’s Solution (in Danish)

We have restructured an existing solution by, among other things, adjusting triangulation algorithms in order for our solution to support the COVID-19 situation and the current demands of social distancing in Denmark. Using several Microsoft technologies, the algorithms process enormous amounts of data from the underlying Cisco infrastructure. If you do not already have the required Cisco, we can help you get the solution implemented quickly.

Data from the IT solution are displayed in a well-arranged dashboard and, in addition to dashboard access, data can be displayed using an API with the option of automatic extraction of data to third-party systems like Power BI, Qlick, or Tableau.

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