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Press releases

10. June 2024
Globeteam solidly out of 2023
With a revenue of DKK 392 million, growth of 14.3 per cent compared to 2022, and earnings after tax of DKK 36.5 million, Globeteam has cemented its position as a leading player in consulting and managed services.
23. May 2024
Globeteam introduces an innovative hybrid management platform
Globeteam has developed a hybrid management platform in close collaboration with Microsoft. This strategic move marks an important point in our continued efforts to help clients reduce costs & enhance security
1. February 2024
Globeteam recruits new managing director from Netcompany
Globeteam has appointed Andreas Strandbygaard as its new managing director. Andreas comes from a managerial position at Netcompany.
18. December 2022
Globeteam lands 4-year agreement with Energinet
For the next four years, Globeteam will help Energinet with Microsoft-based digital operations, maintenance and development. The agreement also includes Microsoftbased IT consultancy.
25. October 2022
4-year framework agreement within parts of the Ministry of Health
Within the health sector, there are many IT tasks that are of enormous importance to both citizens and businesses. We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to assist with these socially important tasks through a new framework agreement.
12. October 2022
Framework agreement of DKK 200 million awarded to the Danish Environmental Portal
The next four years, Globeteam will continue to help the Danish Environmental Portal expand with new functional areas that bring valuable environmental data into play for authorities, citizens and companies in Denmark.