Former PET Expert to Head Globeteam’s Newest Security Venture

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Former head of the Cyber Centre at The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) Gorm Christiansen will head a new business area for the consultancy firm Globeteam which will focus on corporate cyber and information security.

Press Release 14 April 2020

Globeteam CEO Claus Moldow has high expectations for the new venture.

“In connection with Globeteam’s other areas of expertise, Gorm’s qualifications are a perfect match. Lots of companies are vulnerable to things like ransomware attacks where criminals attack a company’s IT system and demand a ransom before releasing the company’s own data. However, this is merely the most visible of the challenges. Behind this lurks a wide range of security challenges facing the companies, both digital and physical. In the upcoming period, we will set up a technically strong unit to help both large and small companies in establishing the best possible bulwark against the threat arising from increasing digitalisation,” says Claus Moldow.

Gorm Christiansen aims to change the mentality that many companies have based their risk management on.

“Cyber and information security is a concern for the organisation, for all systems, and for all employees. It is a concern for top managers as well as staff and business units. This does not mean that all of us will be converted into technologists or security experts. However, it means that everyone will need to understand that they are part of a community whose protection rests on shared vigilance and a sense of responsibility. Cyber and information security is not something hidden away in a corner of the organisation or something that is simply referred to a committee. That model was overrun by complexity years ago which necessitates a continued adaptation of the organisation, the qualifications, and models for co-operation,” says Gorm Christiansen.

He explains that the goal for the upcoming period is to put together a carefully selected set of security profiles and thereby create a unique shared professional environment capable of making a real and lasting difference.

“Together with Globeteam’s other teams of highly qualified consultants, the new team can provide expertise on how the proper security models may be built and implemented to make them dynamic and take into account the future developments of the threats,” says Gorm Christiansen.

He explains that it is the uncompromising mantra of this unit to put the both the receiver and learning at the centre.

”We do not have a traditional consultant-sender perspective. We seek to replace ‘please open the folder with recommendations’ with a close and meaningful partnership. Only by establishing this deeper understanding can we achieve sustainable risk management,” says Gorm Christiansen.

At the same time he explains that he was very conscious in his choice to establish this unit specifically at Globeteam.

“For a long time, I have wanted to set up a team capable of linking theory and praxis with a strong set of shared values. Globeteam has in all aspects proven to be the right place to set up this unit,” says Gorm Christiansen.

About Globeteam

Globeteam is a highly specialised consultancy firm which helps companies to optimise both IT and business potentials with digitalisation, highly technical specialisation, and a sound understanding of the market. Globeteam offers services in fields such as business consulting, infrastructure, trends, and cyber and information security.

For more information, contact Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen, PressConnect, phone +45 5385 0770

Watch video with Gorm Christiansen

In the video, Gorm Christiansen talks about his views on the threat development and the visions of the Globeteam’s new business area, which will focus on corporate cyber and information security.

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