A cloud strategy sets the course for your onward digitisation journey


Your wants and requirements for increased digitisation are best expressed through a well-developed cloud strategy

Cost savings. Time to market. Increased competitiveness. Functional advantages. A security boost. There can be many reasons for putting a new system into the cloud or optimising an existing one. Globeteam helps you anchor your business goals in a cloud strategy that works as an impetus for business cases, technological roadmaps, management programmes and finally that all important profit realisation.  

In theory it might sound obvious, but in real life it is far more complex. Determining a cloud strategy, before you begin to put new or more data into the cloud is far from the norm. Many companies get lost in talk of which technologies, platform and operational models they will use and, therefore, don’t place enough importance on the initial clarification of needs.  

However, this lack of initial strategy work may come back to haunt the organisation at a later date. When there is no overarching agreement as to why you actually want to invest more in the cloud, divides in understanding and communication can easily arise between top management, the individual business areas and the IT department. 


Globeteam advises on cloud strategy

Globeteam’s consultants step into the cloud process as bridge-builders between the IT department that wants to accelerate the digitisation of a business area, and the user organisation that has to adopt the changes. 

Through interviews and workshops, we analyse the company’s motivation to accelerate or optimise the use of cloud resources. Typical reasons are lack of competitiveness, outdated systems, increased security risks or new opportunities to use data. Once the analysis has been carried out, we help set a cloud strategy that defines the way forward in a prioritised order of efforts. 

Often, a new cloud project is implemented into a hybrid setup where on-premise IT and cloud resources are incorporated into an overall IT strategy. This strategy has to support the business’ requirements and needs in both the short-term and in the long-term. That type of planning requires a deep knowledge of the technology landscape combined with a general business understanding.  

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Profit realisation is central

Even though an IT department, a legal unit and a business representative may approach the cloud project from their own separate perspectives, these parties usually find they have a lot in common when it comes to the expected profit realisation. Globeteam helps turn business goals that are somewhat abstract into specific project plans, making it clear who needs to do what in order to reap the desired gains.  

With the project plan and a cloud roadmap in hand, we then put together a team consisting of technical resources, project managers, and business consultants who will help the company throughout the project. The team’s varied setup reflects Globeteam’s breadth as a consultancy firm and covers all the skills you could need to manage a cloud project.  


Governance and cloud security

Globeteam also helps build a governance structure so you don’t drown in ad hoc tasks, but can instead follow a structured plan for monitoring the project, implementing new releases, managing integrations, etc. We help analyse the employee profiles needed, and advise if there are roles and responsibility areas that need to be redefined, or if up-skilling or new hires are necessary, etc.  

When you work with the cloud, it is not just about feeling the full effect of the solutions you have implemented, but also about looking ahead and seeing the next opportunities waiting around the corner. New data sources, new functionality and new technologies pop up all the time and give rise to continuous adjustment of your cloud strategy to ensure it still matches your needs and wants.  

We help you get the complete overview of standard systems, niche products and corresponding services in the cloud, so that you can follow the newest developments and continuously incorporate new insights into your workflows, management reports and decision-making processes.  

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Jesper Vraa Nielsen - Globeteam
Jesper Vraa Nielsen
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