The business gets its power from a top-tuned cloud infrastructure


The components of your cloud infrastructure and architecture are the technical building blocks that will bring you securely and efficiently into the future

The mix of cloud, on-premise and hybrid delivery models has made IT support within modern companies technically challenging. Globeteam helps design, build and manage a cloud infrastructure that can meet your business needs in that difficult, hybrid transition phase.  

Which data, devices, systems, business applications and other technological components should be a part of your IT landscape? How should they be designed and built? How do you tie the infrastructure securely and efficiently together to incorporate working from the office, working from home and mobile work? How do you find the right balance between on-premise, native and hybrid IT, when internal and external factors constantly change and cast your digitisation journey in a new light?  

These are some of the questions that challenge companies and make the establishment and operation of a cloud infrastructure a complex task.  


The pillars of your cloud infrastructure

At Globeteam, we help you find the right approach to your cloud infrastructure project. Typically, we do this by matching business requirements and wishes with the outer framework setting which will often consist of business regulations, laws, standards, and the like. It is these technical pillars that indicate what your company has to consider in order to be compliant.  

In that same context, we use the CIA principle – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability – to define your security policies. How do you protect your data against leaks, loss and attacks (Confidentiality)? How do you ensure a high data quality so that you can trust your data (Integrity)? How do you make sure that your data can be exchanged across users, systems, applications and networks (Availability)? The principle works in such a way that if a business process is categorised with a high CIA score, then it requires the corresponding high security levels from the infrastructure, while a business process that is categorised with a low CIA score does not need to be protected according to the same standards.  

Once this initial work is done, we focus on the construction and integration of the individual components in your cloud infrastructure.  

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Cloud governance

You need a governance structure and an administration layer that can function as your management tool. It is a question of getting your IT environment ready for a day-to-day life where employees can quickly and easily access the data and systems they need while you have full control of the environment. In this way, we minimise the risk of attacks, data loss and breakdowns.   

IT governance in a cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure is a different task entirely to the construction of governance models in a traditional datacentre. Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) have made it attractive to lease software, infrastructure and services in delivery models built for high performance and fast scaling.  

Globeteam helps design cross-sectional management models that can contribute the best of those different worlds, just like we also carry out reviews of existing governance models in order to improve and optimise process management.   


Identity management, roles and rights

The network has to be set up in such a way that it can embrace the datacentre, different locations, possible home offices and the cloud platform you have chosen. Based on the initial CIA score, we build the necessary integrations so that they comply with the principles of your security policies. 

A large part of cloud infrastructure projects is identity management. First of all, it might only be authorised users who have access to your network. Access must also be controlled through fully automated control mechanisms that ensure the individual user only has access to the data and systems they have the right to access. Among other things, we use the Zero Trust security principles to manage identities, roles and rights in a multi-cloud infrastructure. 


Rightsizing analysis in your cloud infrastructure

A thorough review of your infrastructure can be a welcome opportunity to find out what you have actually purchased throughout the years. With the digitisation and acceleration of cloud services, it has been easy for individual business areas to purchase and spend IT resources – sometimes not following the official channels and without the IT department knowing. Shadow IT poses an obvious security risk, and it can also end up being expensive to purchase IT resources in the cloud that no one has complete control over.  

Globeteam carries out rightsizing analysis where we work with you to review infrastructure, clean up unspent and unwanted licenses, and also find the right level between demanded and purchased IT resources so that you do not pay for something that is not being used. 

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