Nordic Aviation Capital - cloud based infrastructure supports global growth

Cloud-based infrastructure supports Nordic Aviation Capital's international expansion

In just a few years Nordic Aviation Capital has grown from having very few employees to now having 115 employees, and today they hire out 260 airplanes to clients across the globe. The company supports growth and global ambitions with a cloud-based infrastructure in a class of its own.

It has, in cooperation with Globeteam, moved its services, data and back-up from physical servers to Microsoft Azure, among other things. This makes it easy to open new offices and to grow without limitations, while employees are capable of working just as efficiently from Toronto or Singapore, as they do in Billund.

We are experiencing growth across the world, and so it is also an advantage to have a cloud-based infrastructure that enables us to expand without having to worry about hardware, maintenance and limitations.”

“When designing the solution and utilizing Microsoft’s cloud structure, we had many areas where we needed support. So, in this case, Globeteam’s expertise was critical to us, and so far we have not come across a challenge that they could not solve. Which is actually pretty good considering the fact there is probably no other company with a solution that comes close to ours. Our solution provides a global and 100% scalable infrastructure that can easily support a group of 50,000 employees. What is more, we do not have to waste energy running and doing back-up for the infrastructure.”

Mads Krog-Jensen, IT manager at Nordic Aviation Capital

Peder Lind Sørensen Globeteam
Peder Lind Sørensen
Sales Manager

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